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Easter Cooking, what are YOU cooking......

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Not having too many people over (10) but it's the first dinner where the "inlaws" (only not by law yet) are meeting....My family usually cooks A LOT of food.

Hors d'œuvre
Deviled Eggs
Vegetable Crudités
Herring and Onion on Rye
Curry Chicken Puffs (just because I want to make them)
Shrimp Cocktail

Simple Green Salad

Sauerkraut & Kielbasa
Baked Mac & Cheese (for the pesky vegetarians)
Spinach Quiche (same)

Scalloped Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Green beans
Roasted Asparagus
Baked Beans
Cranberry Sauce
Rye Bread

Almond Amaretto Cheesecake
Chocolate something or other cake, haven't decided.
Polish Babka

nothing crazy, but just a lot of food. Dad makes good horseradish and I get REALLY good rye bread. I have a couple of VERY good European provisions markets by my house so the kielbasa is amazing, and I haven't decided if I'm going to do the Babka or buy it....."family" recipe, traditionally has been done in small coffee cans, but I'm not a very good baker at all, so I may pass on this one and leave it to the experts.
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I'm not sure what I'm even doing yet for Easter. I may go to the boyfriend's family's home for easter which would be fun, I love his family and I miss his little siblings.
If I do go over, I may make a pie-type dessert and easter cookies. I found an excellent dessert recipe website that has close to or around 100 recipes but they lack pictures, which is always a motivation.

Anyone have any good dessert ideas for this celebration?
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
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Since I haven't had a working oven for quite some time, I'm taking a couple of pork tenderloins, and some mushy ground chuck, marinate it and create some Italian sausage. Then I'm gonna heat up the new oven for the first time, with pizza stone in place, and make some thin crust pizza!

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Traditionally, lamb is the Easter roast of choice in many European countries (including the UK!).

I'm doing a roast leg of lamb, studded wtih slivers of garlic and fresh rosemary, slow roasted, served with roasted potatoes and parsnips, fresh carrots, spring greens and another seasonal vegetable and with home made mint sauce and a rich wine based gravy.
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Sounds excellent....I'd love to do something like that! Unfortunately, this is the first time the "inlaws" are meeting each other, and we have a vegetarian at the table and a bunch of "meat and potatoes" at the other end. so wanted to keep it somewhat simple. I may get a little "gourmet" :talk: on some of the simple dishes....

We have sauerkraut and Kielbasa every holiday, as well as the herring and either a ham or a turkey. I'd like to do both this year, but I'm running out of stove/oven space.
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Far too much choice for me!

I will start the meal with something simple like smoked salmon (I like the organic stuff from the Orkney Isles), served with a little creme fraiche with capers sauce and thinly sliced brown bread and butter.

Puddings: cranachan, Tipsy Laird and a meringue roulade.

And even THAT will be too much food in a single sitting for my appetite!

BTW - I would consider the roast lamb as very much a 'meat and potatoes' type dish, not in the least haute cuisine :chef:
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unfortunately, while dad is an EXCELLENT cook, I doubt he has ever even eaten lamb....I'll save that for when I just invite him and mom over for dinner. :) Plus, i've never cooked lamb before, I want to stick with what I know and not be daring. I'm not the best cook in the world I'll be lucky the ham comes out OK!
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I hope you enjoy your Easter feast!
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Turkey dinner

I'm cooking another turkey dinner with stuffing. Typical of holiday cooking.
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My brother, his wife and kids are in town for their annual Easter visit, so many an Easter egg hunt and then we are keeping it very simple. Everyone brings a dish..very informal. I cannot cook, smell or eat lamb, makes me so sick. The first time I smelled it cooking I passed out..came to long enough to ask..what is that smell? Then passed out no lamb on the menu!

Happy Easter all!
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I have fond memories of attending the yearly Greek Easter celebrations at a friend's home back in Chapel Hill. It was always lots of fun with crowds of creative type guests-writers, poets, actors, musicians and traditional dancers. The ouzo and red wine flowed freely as did the food.

So today I'm baking hot cross buns and marinating a leg of lamb in garlic, oregano, rosemary and olive oil. Maybe I'll make a minty greek yogurt sauce too. In addition, a little feta, olive, and cherry tomato salad to go with it might be good. Roasted red skin potatoes and asparagus in lemon-dijon vinaigrette will be the accompaniments.

Not sure what to make for dessert-maybe some kind frozen berry souffle.

Liquored up and laquered down,
She's got the biggest hair in town!


Liquored up and laquered down,
She's got the biggest hair in town!

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This year we are changing it up a bit. The family voted for turkey over ham. So we are having...

Roast Turkey
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Braised Endive
Baby Peas
Chocolate Mint Sticks

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!
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I am cooking a brunch :

breakfast strata (egg/cream/milk, crusty bread, monterayjack cheese, sausages and <creton> Or minced porc pâté)
Ham with raisin/pineapple praline sauce
Scalloped potatoes
belgium waffles
crèpe Suzette with peach/pear filling
some green (spinach salad) + crudités
fruit salad
Blueberry and banana muffins
(sugar shack theme: smother everything with maple syrup)

Dessert: boiling maple syrup toffee on snow.

Luc H.
I eat science everyday, do you?
I eat science everyday, do you?
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Roasted Chicken Galantine "Forestier."

Egg Custard with Salmon Roe. (Thanks for the idea Blueicus)

Scallop Mousse

Other stuff TBD.
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I am cooking lunch today as we are going to my sister in law's later. I had this risotto in a restaurant recently and want to replicate it. It was a simple chorizo risotto with saffron, parmesan and some chopped herbs, I think chives and parsley, wow it was delicious, and I made a lovely chicken stock yesterday to go in it. So its risotto for me and my girls today. Ishbel's roast lamb sounds really good to me.
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First Easter for me and husband alone, I used to cook big and delicious meals when our kids were with us. Both are now living in Europe.
Will have cod/potatoes and for dessert "Happy Hippo".
A house is not beautiful because of its walls, but because of its cakes
- Old Russian proverb
A house is not beautiful because of its walls, but because of its cakes
- Old Russian proverb
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Easter Dinner was last Sunday....everyone was traveling to my dad's place but I was personal cheffing for the past 3 days/evenings.

After a visit from Farmer Lee Jones, I ended up with alot of veg.....
my brother and sil, 4 of their 5 children and me.

Roasted German butterball potatoes and fingerlings...olive oil, salt and pepper
roasted roots....parsnips, carrots, beets
Haricot verte with dillweed/lemon/garlic/olive oil
Green Salad with hearts of palm, sugar snaps, toasted pecans, mandrian oranges (my family loves them, they are considered a special treat.....sometimes I'll supreme oranges, but on the whole they are into mandrian oranges)
Chicken potpie. I had reduced to paste 40% cream, made a fresh chicken stock bechemel, added tarragon. Had cooked chicken, added thawed tiny peas and blanch fresh carrots. Topped with bechemel and then baked off puff separately and topped warm rich creamy chicken/veg goo with that.

Warm good bread and butter

Strawberries with raspberry mascarpone and amarettis
Dessert platter....brownies, lemon bars, lavendar shortbread, chocolate chip cookies.....

Today I'm will roast off the remaining beets, make a crab claw salad, large green salad with hearts of palm, green beans, sugar snaps, possibly some fingerlings. Blue cheese dressing....added buttermilk, mayo, yogurt, dillweed, shallots, black pepper.

Clear out some of the fridge and consider traveling south for a much needed road trip. New Orleans probably does not have snow right now. STL had 70* weather 2 days ago and is freaking snowing yet again. Ok enough, uncle....

FYI. It's almost morel hunting season.....and it's gonna be a bumper mushroom year with all the rain.

Oh, roasted lamb with new potatoes is an Easter standard here....sometimes I make rabbit ravioli in carrot sauce (sick sense of humor).....coconut and lemon curd are Springtime too.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Our Easter dinner was very simple.

Ham studded with cloves and pineapple slices on top
Four Cheese Mashed Potatoes
Asparagus sauted in olive oil with lemon pepper seasoning and a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice at the end
Vegetable casserole
biscuits (came out more like crackers.....baking powder bit the dust!)
Banana pudding
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