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This is it plain as swiss roll but you can add cocoa to it to make it a chocolate genoise. As boar_d_laze say's in his chocolate rum cake

6 whole eggs
1 cup sugar

warmed in large bowl and beaten till thick like custard.

Fold in ½ cup melted butter and 1 cups sifted flour alternating. or half flour and half cocoa

350 . 35 minutes.

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I just made four of those yesterday in class. They came out beautifully. Made 9" rounds though. Cut them into layers today and made a pineapple filling for between the layers and a cinnamon ginger buttercream for the top and sides. Yum.
What's rolled up in yours? Looks like peanut butter.
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My swiss roll filling.

It has coffee butter cream in it. But I do all kinds of other things with it like
my favourite, it is brandy cream roll, coated in chocoate.
great for special occasions. ;-)))
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Looks yummy! Would you post the entire recipe- filling and all?

Also, that cinnamon ginger buttercream sounds different. How much of each do you use?
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