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BDL...I too appreciated your comments, thanks!

A few notes on the AB, ATK method...I usually cook my 1.5in Ribeye in the oven at 250* for about 30 min to an IT of 115-120, then sear at about 900-1000* (less than 30 sec per side).  I've had trouble with smoke in the kitchen with those temps (I don't have a good vent system) I use a cast iron skillet over a Louisiana jet turkey frying rig...gets me the temp I want, and I can do it outside.

If anybody else has some tips with this method, I've love to hear 'em!

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Originally Posted by Blueicus View Post

I would say that it presents about as much danger as the sous-vide method, though with sous vide you're usually turning the temperature down even further.


Sous-vide is airtight so no bacteria should grow with that process.

If you put a steak in an oven with the AB method at 275 its well above the minimum hold temperature for meat so bacteria should not be a concern and the time frame is well under that for bacteria to grow. Even if you did grow some bacteria, which is very unlikely, it would only be on the exterior of the flesh and you would kill it during the sear.

The end result with reverse searing or sear and blast is the same if the cook does his part with either method.



I think the most wonderful thing in the world is another chef. I'm always excited about learning new things about food.
Paul Prudhomme
I think the most wonderful thing in the world is another chef. I'm always excited about learning new things about food.
Paul Prudhomme
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I think I just felt something slippery in my hand and heard a "sssssst" real quick, and the pan handle slid out.


Heheh, also keep a potholder or DRY towel on the handle of the pan as this helps avoid somebody accidentally grabbing the hot handle.  

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This is a really great thread....


Two questions:

1- Is there a reason other than cooking food faster or opening up burners that chefs finish food in an oven?

2- When one pan sears the meat, it will first stick and then un-stick itself when ready to be flipped/removed?



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we finish meats in the oven as it leads to a juicer end product...imagine cooking a chicken supreme in a saute pan start to finish,,,the end result would be a very tough piece of chicken,and yes when you sear meat it will seperate from the pan when it is ready to be flipped.  hope this helps




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One caution-When pulled out my filets (5 oz. each, wrapped in bacon) at about 5 minutes, the meat was still red. Ignoring the whole "resting" concept, I returned them to the 450 oven. Big mistake-overcooked and toughened. Believe it, they will cook further under foil at room temperature.
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This post is over 5 years old now but I just found it with google. BDL- I would have liked to have eaten at a restaurant where you cooked. I love it when genuine experts share their knowledge so freely. I've learned a lot about kitchen knives and cooking from you in the last several years so thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Thanks for the tips. I am wanting to cook a rib eye, large enough to serve 6 hearty eaters, and slice over the accompaniments.  First, question is can you "score" or sear the meat the day before and finish in the oven just before serving or does it need to be hot when going in oven.  I'm thinking of how a caterer would do it, when they score it first??  And is rib eye the best cut to do this with?  Thanks

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Once you are over like a pound and a half, its more of a roast than a steak... just get a standing rib roast and roast it in a hot oven.
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Originally Posted by ChrisLehrer View Post

I must say that the oven-then-sear thing makes me a bit nervous. Seems to me that the long, slow warming creates a lovely environment for bacteria to breed, and the sear isn't going to kill them because (intentionally) it doesn't penetrate deeply. Maybe I'm worrying unnecessarily?

On the other hand, my primary objection to this method was the way it was presented on the America's Test Kitchen show, where it was touted as the "right" way --- and then they did a comparison... against putting a very thick steak in a skillet until it was like leather. Sure, it's a better method than being an idiot.

This is what every BBQ cook does to a pork butt or brisket for upwards of 20 hours.  Cold smoking or cooking much lower than this is  (ie. less than 200F) when bacteria has the abbility to come into play, this is why people use nitrates etc at these temp levels. 

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