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brown (roasted) chicken stock...

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Anyone do it? Do you treat it like other brown stocks? Do you find it more flavourful? But less versitile etc?
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Do it? Yes.

Sub for beef or veal stock? No. Maybe for going on poultry -- perhaps a lighter Bigarade, for instance. I dunno though. You'd have to call it something different. Well it would be a lighter color and body. Sort of misty. Bigamist? My head hurts.

Sub for chicken stock? Yes, most of the time. It's usually how I make chicken stock when I set out to make chicken stock -- as opposed to poaching chicken for another purpose, enchiladas for instance, and ending up with a pot of stock as a bonus.

More flavor? Yes. Remember, it's basically chicken stock with the addition of Maillard reaction to the bones, bits and tomato paste. Mmmm. Tomato paste.

Versatile? Yes. Excellent for all chicken stock based sauces. I prefer the deeper color you get too.

My 2 shekels,
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Of course!! In fact, whenever a poultry vendor could provide bulk packs of necks and backs of chicken and turkey, I'd sheet pan it up and roast it as a prep for making a brown poultry stock. Once nicely browned, it'd go in stock pots for a long slow simmer. Then I'd strain it, add roasted onion, carrot, and some parsnip. Put it back to a slow simmer, then strain again. I'm not sure what you mean. It's used as a basic stock, but it certainly has some limitations.I think it's far more rich than a boiled chicken stock, and, as such, more flavorful. Clients, however, would not want to be served chicken soup with dumplings that was not golden and clear. Given certain parameters and preconditions, using the stock for a soup similar to French Onion may be palatable. Versatility is very subjective. I've always found a roasted poultry stock far more versatile than a basic simmered poulty stock.
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