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I'm curious about podcasting. If you download a podcast, is it stored on your hard drive or is it like video clips on YouTube that play then disappear? None of the people I've asked, including the computer people at Best Buy know.
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You have it forever.
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Downloading stays, Streaming does not (perhaps a cookie in your temp file)
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youtube is downloadable to.
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how is it?

How is this downloadable? How can you save it and then upload it to your ipod? thanks in advance.
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click on the tag that says 'download this file' instead of just watching the clip
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After you download a podcast, how do you delete it? Does an icon appear on your desktop? If not, how do you find it? I'm using a mac. Thanks.
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I think you just need to find the file and delete it that way.
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you can dleete the podcast threw itunes and it will ask you if you want to keep the file or delete it.

if you want to do it manually

go to the itunes folder and look for itunes music. then go in there and look for a file called podcasts
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