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24 Eggs - Help!!!!

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I have 24 eggs from 'blowing' easter eggs. Don't worry we didn't really blow them we used a 'Blas Fix', so now I have these 24 eggs, yolks and whites mixed and need some Egg Dense recipes. Help Please:o:o
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Genoise cake.

Quiche. :) (probably ovadone)

Scrambled eggs of course. Hey they're already scrambled!

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Whole eggs freeze pretty well, don't they? You won't be able to do anything fancy with them. Could freeze them in ice cube trays for small portions.
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Or measure them up, use the same amount of cream and again the same amount of flour, buzz it up, and turn it all into popovers.
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Thats a heck of a lot of scrambled eggs, you must own a restaurant:smoking:
genoise - I'm doing, clafouti - good idea.

Frozen?? Hmm, I think I'll try that

..and yes, they're already scrambled:lol: Val

PS Equal amounts of cream and flour, poof - popovers - Kuan, You are brillant!!
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Get some hard-smoked salmon, make a quiche with the flaked salmon, diced onion, capers on the bottom, covered with most of your eggs with chopped fresh dill mixed in.

Kind of a cliche, but darn good. :bounce:

Mike :chef:
travelling gourmand
travelling gourmand
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Use half of them for flan. Yes, a dozen eggs make a lot of flan, but a good flan goes quickly.

Flan viva! Viva flan!
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24 eggs?

What about making a fritatta? You could also make omlets then freeze each pieces and then freeze them and then you could reheat them in the microwave (making sure that it doesnt explode.)
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I don't know about all 24, but . . .
you could use some for egg noodles and dry them
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How about some of those Asian omelet-noodles?

Egg drop soup?

Egg custard, or custard pie?

Cook them gently in the microwave and make a ton of egg salad! It works like a charm- no boiling, no peeling.
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***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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What about challah? Or brioche? I'm a bread person anyway...
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lemon curd, one batch 6 eggs....long refer life.
pound cake
strata uses alot
quiches freeze

I end up with a massive amount of yolks after making marshmallows.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Great Suggestions folks.
I did an old fashioned lemon pound cake that took 12 eggs, but boy it made one big bundt pan and 2 6 inch rounds. I told my husband that we have cake forever. Pound cake with fruit, with icecream, infused with lemoncelo, toasted with tea and lord help the next friend who gets sick!

With all the great suggestions the second 12 eggs will be curd to freeze, popovers, maybe, the microwave egg salad sounds great but I've Never microed eggs. How long, what power?? Quiche or frittata one or the other.

Thanks again guys, oh yeah at Lucas Carton in Paris they had me learn to do a french truffle omlette, get this 6 oz butter, 4 eggs, 3 oz shaved FRESH black truffle and that's a 1 person serving! You scramble the eggs in the skillet over really low heat adding globs of butter one at a time letting each melt and be incorporated. You are to finish the scrambling at the exact time you finish all the butter. Add the truffle and fold onto a plate. Voila.:lips:
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Not quite a croque-madame, but make a french toast like batter with some egg and cream/milk and cook one side of two pieces of bread, flip, place ham and cheese on cooked side of one piece, assemble sandwich, and finish cooking uncooked sides. The greatest grilled ham and cheese ever. 24 eggs what to do?...a blessing in thinly veiled disguise!
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I would just do Scrambled Eggs or Omelettes.:)
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