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Catering in Phoenix, Arizona

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I couldn't think of which forum to put this under, so I'm giving this a try. I need to find a decent place to have monthly meetings for about 20 to 25 people each month. It should be convenient to access and have great food. I really don't want to pay an arm and a leg, but a decent price for decent food. Anybody have any suggestions? Care to recommend their very own place?
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:smiles: Why not have it at your home, if you dont have enough seating, just get everybody to bring their own fold out chairs, we call them BBQ chairs, then also everybody can bring a plate of something, whether it be a small savoury or a dessert of some kind, or even have a couple of mains, just organize it with your guests, on who brings what, or keep it as a surprise, just hope you dont get doubles or triples on the dishes.
Also you can get them to bring their own drinks ( Alcohol ), and you just supply the "Tea, coffee, juices, cordial, soda's, cold water, and your own plate or dish, then it works out cheap for every one.:D Just what I would do!! see what u think. Another idea is to take turns having it at each others places, works out fair that way, You could still do all the same things, its just that the host supplies the drinks, apart for the Alcohol, unless you want to.
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Spiritwolf, that would work for friends. This is a professional organization and I'm the misfit who cleans her own house, cooks her own meals and lives in a "bad" neighborhood. :D

We're currently having our meetings at a country club, but they are shutting down. Everyone is really picky about the quality of the food. There was one place that served us food that smelled like dead rats. We changed our venue.

I guess catering may not have been the right word. Perhaps I mean more of a place that has a room and food. We also sometimes need projectors and screens. Hotels have been suggested, but the quality of the food is a concern.

A restaurant with a private room?
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