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hello everyone :)

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where do i start?

well, i'm Brendon from south africa & i'm a chef.. i think. i work in a kitchen directly under an executive chef, get to wear black buttons although i'm not qualified on paper and i am passionate when it comes to making food. i've been cooking privately for 9 years and "professionally" for 3 and a half months. prior to that i was a croupier, dj, service administrator and opthalmic lense tech. the strange thing is, throughout my life, i've always been interested in making food. at the age of 8 i made my first apple crumble during the school holidays. my parents were not happy to hear that i had been baking while they were out working. needless to say, they ate the crumble ;)

anyway, it has taken me 28 years to discover why i was put on this earth - to feed people & now that i have realised it, i want to embrace it and truely make it a part of my life.

i am open minded when it comes to food and will try anything once.. except mushrooms. if you ever have a question, please feel free to ask me and i will help you to my best ability. if i can not answer it immediatly, i will have one within 24 hours.

ok, i'm off to find out how to make petit fours.
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Hello Brendon and welcome to Chef Talk. I think you'll feel at home in this community, which is a good mix of professionals and home cooks from all over the globe. A good number of them came into the culinary world after taking detours into other fields.

What are some of the specialties you prepare? What's on your menu?

We hope you'll explore the site and participate in the discussions as often as your busy schedule permits.

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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hi Mezzaluna

thank you for the warm welcome. i am truely happy to have finally found a site that can enrich my knowledge and allow me to interact with other people around the world that have the same interests as i do.

my specialty lays in cakes, desserts and puddings. our menu presents our customers with a variety of dishes.

our menu is as follows: starters: stuffed bell peppers with shrimp and mussels, baked new zealand mussels, black mushroom and haloumi (served on a brochette with tomato basil pesto), empanades (spinach and fetta, mozzerella and ham, spicy shrimp and sweet peppers), seafood bisque, marinated fetta and tarragon, vegetable and seafood croquettes, crispy calamari with sweet chilli sauce, stuffed lobster tails, tandori prawns and zucchini fritatas.

salads: smoked salmon roti, china beach salad with manderin oranges and cashew nuts, greek salad, chef's special salad with avo's and anchovies, summer salad, salmon mayonnaise salad, shrimp and cashew salad & a smoked chicken salad.

meats: we do 4 types of fillets : lemon pepper crusted fillet served with cherry tomatoes in a lemon pepper sauce, fillet luculus - topped with chicken livers, fillet au poivre - topped with a green pepper corn & brandy sauce & fillet Coco De Mer - covered with fried bacon and mushrooms, topped with a white pepper sauce and finished off with melted cheese on top. our rump is rather simple. we offer ostrich medalions served with a thyme, juniper and cranberry sauce and we also offer kudu fillets - served with a cranberry sauce. our chicken dishes consist of chicken mikinos - chicken breast stuffed with spinach and fetta & covered with a red wine and mushroom sauce. chicken asparagus - breast pan fried, placed ontop of fresh asparagus, coverd with a tomato & bacon sauce & served with cherry tomatoes.

for our fish we offer salmon,sole & prawns. for the salmon, we have 2 dishes - lemon corriander cape salmon served with a white lemon sauce, caramalized lemon wedges and red julienne peppers & salmon florentine - placed ontop of a bed of spinach and fetta and served with a shrimp and mussel sauce. in the sole department we serve sole cleopatra with a white wine, shrimp and cheese sauce ( however, we prefer not to add the cheese to the sauce. instead, we top the sauce with cheese and melt it under the griller) & sole bon femme served with a creamy mushroom sauce. for the prawns we serve either grilled prawns in a garlic lemon butter sauce or prawns peri peri. we also do a seafood platter which is a combinaton of sole, prawns, calamari and mussels and a paella which consists of most of the above mentioned in a spicy fish sauce.

for the pastas we serve only penne or tagliatelle. we offer the following: italian tomato sauce, smoked salmon & dill and fettucine alfredo although we use the tagliatelle instead of the fettucine.

for the vegans we offer a stuffed mushroom, veg croquettes and a veg platter consting of the above mentioned + inhouse veg samoosa's and spring rolls.

our dessert menu offers the following : decadent chocolate mousse, chocolate truffles, chocolate mousse tiramisu, cremé brule with berries, rum and rasin cremé caramel,brandy pudding with a butter scotch sauce, fruit pavlova's, deep fried babana's covered in toasted coconut and served with ice cream, cheese cake of the day - depending on what fruit we have available & chocolate pana cottas.

quite a mouth full eh? :)

anyway, i make the desserts duing the day and at night i become my head chef's tool. i grill, make sauces and plate. the only department i have not yet mastered is the salads as i am usually too busy grilling the fillet, frying the fish and making 3 different sauces.

whats really cool is that i've only been doing this professionally for 3 and a half months now and i already know how to make almost everything on the menu.. off the back of my hand. what makes it worth while doing is when we're so busy that the grill's about to fall off the floor - i take a step back and look at myself, where i am and at what i'm doing.. and i'm happy. even if the pressure is immense, it doesnt bother me. i am glad to be cooking :) :) :) and i'm thirsty for knowledge.

my dream is to own a restaurant and what i am doing now is the start to it all. i get one day off a week and on my next day off, i'm going to be making petit fours. some of the restaurants in our area are interested in buying desserts from me as they do not have the time to make it themselves and would prefer to sell something that was made specifially for them rather than buy it off the shelf. i'm hoping this takes off as i need to start saving money in order to achieve my goal.

ok, enough babbling, it's 04h06 and i need to be in the kitchen at 10h00.

thank you for your time and i hope that we get to chat again.

one more thing - any suggestions on the fillings for the petit fours?

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