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Request for recipe

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Posting my request again, hoping that some one has the recipe....

I am looking for a choux paste cream puff recipe, but wait not the ordinary run of the mill cream puff, the one I am looking for puffs up very large and has great cracks in it when baked, it is filled with whipped cream and just a light sprinkle of icing sugar over the top.
These are BIG cream puffs very light and puffy. help... qahtan
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Heres the recipe I use, it is for large scale though but I've added in the bakers%

Water 500ml (133%)
Shortening 250g (67%)
Salt 8g (2%)
Bread Flour 375g (100%) - sifted
Eggs 13 (173%)

Do a roux with the water, fat, salt, and flour. Cook out the flour and keep the roux moving for 2minutes. Dump it all into a mixer with a paddle attachment and mix on low-med speed to cool. Onced cooled, add eggs in 1 at a time. All 13 may not be needed, should be an almost gluey texture that'll form ribbons in the mixer. And since you want large cream puffs with a crackled top, I'd say pipe with a #9 star tip. Bake in a preheated 400F oven for around 20 minutes with a little steam. Do Not Open the oven door for a least the first 10minutes or they will collapse.
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