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I've actually taught wild food foraging, as I studied Biology prior to entering catering (I know, I know) and it's a cool way to combine the two.

I cannot iterate strongly enough the mantra, if in doubt, chuck it out (ANY doubt.), even if you're slightly uncertain, reference, cross reference, cross reference again (and not just online). Also remember, even if you use a specialist online foraging forum for ID'ing, remember all you'll get with a photo is a 'best guess', and may just confirm it is what you think it is. If there's an inkling of

Local colleges and universities are usually pretty helpful if you do want an ID, but if you want to eat 'Food for Free' why not have a day course in your local area there are loads about.

I've been seriously foraging food for over 25 years and still apply the above to myself!!!

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Originally Posted by Gnome View Post

Hi Lori

As others have said be sure what you are picking is not poisonuos!
If ramps"WILD LEEKS"is what you have(100%sure)your in for a real treat.
Ramps are much better then any onion IMO.My favorite way to prepair
them is with red potatos.Just chop them as you would a scallion and
sautey in butter then add cubed poached red potatos and fry 20 to 30
minuits.They have a flavor like garlic and onion combined.Quite strong
so you may wont to ajust how much you use.Very good in potato soup
also.I love um and can't wate till they get a little bigger here so I can
cook some up too.:lips:

That sounds wonderful!  Will have to check into them at the market.  David Lebovitz has a beautiful recipe w/ fresh pasta.

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I love onions and would love to taste a non poisonous wild one.

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