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Blueberry Chutney

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I posted this question on the recipe site but got no hits. I'm hoping someone on this site can answer the question.

This past w/e, my children and I went to an herb and garden fest. It was wonderful. There was a lady that made things from blueberries.

We bought a pita bread stuffed with spring lettuces, goat cheese, walnuts and blueberry chutney. The chutney had a garlic taste as well as a sweet taste.

Anyone heard of this? I've looked on the net but don't know if the stuff was cooked or not. I should have asked what the ingredients were but didn't think at the time.

Thanks, Lori
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Were the blueberries still whole?

It might be just a quick cook blueberry jam, like very quick. Garlic, butter, blueberries for a minute or so, toss in some sugar and citrus zest, call it good.
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I'm going to try it, yes, they were whole.

Thanks for your post.
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