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I read a very simple way to make pickled eggs is to simply reuse your pickle juice/brine & jars bought from store by simply dropping boiled eggs back into same pickle juice/brine.Is this really safe?

I have some gallon plastic jars of pickled eggs bought from Sam's Club that was possibly planning to reuse if safe.They was at room temperature when bought and i never have refrigerated them.I usually keep them for a couple months at room temperature before eating them all.

Is it safe to simply refill these with boiled eggs into same jars and brine after store bought eggs are gone?

If so should I reheat brine before adding to eggs or just add eggs to room temperature brine?Also even though the jar hasnt been sterilized for the second batch is it still ok to reuse?

The ingredients in these are eggs,vinegar,water,salt,fd & c red #40,fd & c blue #1,beet vegetable powder,sodium benzoate, & potassium sorbate.