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I really have to ask...(maybe a bit of a rant)

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A little background info. I work for Chartwells/Compass Group that runs cafeterias for businesses, old age homes, and where I am is a college. I've been around for almost 3 years, I've done almost every aspect of that site for the exception of management and cashier. I came here under a friend who was the director but was replaced about 10 months ago.

Now, when this new guy came in, it was made very clear to us that he didn't know much about the business and even the chef was relatively new only being there for a little over a month but has been cooking for almost 40 years. But when he started, we all gave the new director the benefit of the doubt and went above and beyond to make sure he knew how things work. We are all seriously regretting everything we've done for this guy.

Since coming, hes more like a jail house warden then a director. In fact, I have no idea what exactly he does since I mostly see him either wandering around the serving area or sitting in his office doing god knows what on the computer. Whenever hes in the kitchen, he is almost constantly ghosting people and is almost always in the way. It also seems that there may be an auditor coming soon because hes been clamping down on a lot of things but even so, he still doesn't know anything about running a kitchen yet hes constantly got his hands on everything we do in the kitchen and I'm not talking about hands on. Its basically workplace bullying hes conducting and has washed his hands clean of many responsibilities as director. I know for a fact that hes pushed off many tasks to the manager, the chef, even me.

I'm counting inventory from start to finish and I'm officially just a cook. In other sites, the director, manager, and/or the chef is tasked with this yet its my job somehow on top of managing catering, covering all the breaks, doing half the orders, putting away all the orders, some of the cooking (can't leave it all for the chef to do, its way too much), and all the little nick nack stuff that nobody wants to do, the list for that is very very long.

Aside from leaving with everyone in the kitchen supports, I don't really know what else to do. I mean, he was giving the chef and I crap for having boxes on the floor today. Um excuse me but first off, those boxes belong to another section, they're not ours, I don't put them away yet I still do, and if someone decides to leave them there after scuffling through a pile of boxes to get stuff they need upstairs, is that my fault? I don't have time to park my butt in all 5 storage areas to make sure nobody leaves boxes lying on the floor. Its seriously the most stupidest thing to b1tch about. And his conduct as an employee is seriously questionable too, swears and loses his temper over stupid things like this, and expects f***ing respect because he wears the title of director. Hes a power hungry mongrel and I'm inches away from having my fist planted 4 inches into his head yet he tests everyone like this. Several surveys came back and I quote "decent food but stressed out looking employees" all from our clients.

I don't wanna look like a deserter and leave people there to that degenerate but I don't think I can stay much longer, even my health is taking some serious turns. Aside from the obvious, what else can I really do?
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Brother, I feel your pain! The way I see it, there are but three paths that anybody can follow in the workplace when there is a clash of personalities...
1. You quit. That stinks and you give up a job.
2. You get the person in question to quit. That almost never works and you end up looking bad.
3. You suck it up. Make the best of it and set your own bar; work towards your own goals and know that you are giving it 110%. You will always have your work ethic and nobody can ever take that away from you.

I really do wish you the best in this tough situation. Some parting words of wisdom: Often, when one door closes, another opens. So, if you decide to move on down the road, perhaps other opportunities will present themselves. But, do not set yourself up for the "grass is always greener" complex, either.

All the best!

Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation, and two percent butterscotch ripple

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Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, six percent electricity, four percent evaporation, and two percent butterscotch ripple

My Author Page

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All corporations have a chain of command that runs from you to the top dog in the company. This includes what is known as an open door policy in the event you the employee cannot talk to the person who is the problem especially if that person is a manager/supervisor. My recommendation would be for you to find out what that chain is and use it. Given the description you have provided I would suggest that the open door policy might be the best way to go. I would also recommend that you seriously consider the possibility of talking directly to this guy. Is it feasible? Or would it be ludicrous? You know him, so you would need to make that decision.

Be forewarned though that even though retaliation is against policy you may well find yourself losing the job in the end. Thats just the politics of it all. Because of this I would suggest looking for other possible places of employment.
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You have basically described my former boss. Just now thinking of him has got me so infuriated. I up and left a job a I loved, because of him. He was an ungrateful, pompous, lieing cheating son of a *****. He too lost his temper over the silliest things and demanded respect from everyone in the kitchen, who by the way, hated him. HATRED. that is a very strong word. Im sorry, but I wish nothing but the worst upon this waste of being.

If u dont mind an explantion...

I worked at that restaurant for exactly one year to the day. I just quit about a week ago. He made the place unbearable. He got promoted by default, next in line and the old partner was fired. He in no way deserved the job, and by no means was able to perform the tasks required of it. Which if i might add, were not hard. He would hand of all paperwork to the assistant kitchen mangers, which were me and a good friend of mine. We did our work, and then when we were ready to leave, he would have a load of crap for us to do that was not in out job description. Once or twice, fine, ill help u out you *******. Everyday? go **** yourself. Excsue my language, but it is warranted. This man was a complete waste of life, and I honestly wish death upon him.

The last straw is when he delibratly took away certain things that were promised to me when my chef left. A new chef was brought in, and when i spoke to him about what i was promised, he said i should speak to the partner about it, as he did not have any knowledge of them. When i spoke to him, he basically said this. "oh? bob(chefs name) said that did he? well guess what, bob doesnt work here anymore. Now u do what i tell you, and idc what it is, if i say scrub the dumpsters without gloves, u do it. And if u dont do it with a smile on ur face, you can find a new place to work. You will not be moving into the different positions bob promised you, and you will not be doing anything but what i tell you. Dont like, too bad. no get out of the office and back to work, NOW!"

So, i worked one more week for the paycheck, walked into the office and asked for my check. When he refused to give it to me, i said i would call the labor board. He started to insult me, so i interupted him, looked over my right shoulder, turned back and slugged him square in the nose. Broke his nose. The new chef and foh manager were in the office when this happened, and niether did anything. They both stood there watching me. I grabbed my check and walked out. Apparently he went to the hospital and is wearing a nose brace for the next two weeks. Maybe next time he'll be a manager and give the employee thier earned pay. Jerk.

I know that wasnt the best reaction, but i can only be pushed so far.

Sorry, i didnt mean to hijack the thread, just kinda got carried away. My apoligies. :o
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Just be smart and make sure you have a job waiting for you when you leave. Few things are more satisfying than telling someone to stick their job where the sun don't shine. In the end, you will be happier and maybe he'll wish you had stayed.

Good luck.
It's Good To Be The King!
It's Good To Be The King!
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Check your private messages.
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There is a slight possibility of him getting thrown out. I said that I do the caterings for the building, that includes usually delivering them so I know a few of the regular clients that order catering who usually have to deal though him first when placing an order. Not even the clients can seem to say anything positive about him. Plus today, a couple of executives came by, 1 of which is from marketing. I think changes are in the air and so I'm very hopeful of some good to come out of this. If not, I got a few weeks away from there coming up to figure out what to do.
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Montelago is definatly right. I didnt have a job waiting for me. Luckily I found one very quick, and start today. I was only out of work for maybe 2 weeks? Was very unsettling not knowing how my bills were getting paid, but everything worked out for the better. Id say take a week to yourself in between the two jobs. Being that youll have another job waiting, the week off will give you time to relax and recharge your batteries for your new home.

Good luck!
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give your notice, and find another job. A skilled line cook can walk into just about any place and find work.
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