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Serious chef needed ?

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My name is Dave,i'm new here,joined this forum to satisfy my curiousity about hiring a personal chef service,really don't have a clue on how it works or the charges involved,but right now am deluded with the hope of meeting a serious chef in here.

Right now am budgetting on having my wedding in the states,i live and work in London,Uk.

I'm under the impression these is a chef forum,so probably i might be lucky to meet someone who might put me through,so if you feel you can help out with the cooking at my forthcoming wedding in the states,then pls e-mail me at earlytimer39@lawyer.com
I also need to know what state you live in okay,pls remember to state this in your reply.
Have a nice day.
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Theres a great scam going around the catering circuit these days, the client sends a certified bank check to book a wedding in the US.
Check comes from the UK....via Algeria probably.

Client sends more than the deposit requested by the caterer.
Then requests the caterer send the extra balance back and keep the other portion as the deposit.

2 weeks later the bank calls to say the check was a forgery.

Theres a couple of tipoffs, first the bad English
and second, it doesn't seem to make sense at some level.
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you don't need a personal chef service, you need to find a caterer. and you need to figure out where you are getting married first and then look in that city. so, say you decide to get married in boston, google "boston caterer" or "boston catering company".
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