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I'm working at a small business that primarily prepares and serves barbecued meat. Their kitchen isn't very organized and I don't think that it has all of the necessities a kitchen should have. I've never worked in a kitchen before except for some brief training at a bakery (not in the kitchen, just in some preparation and serving).

I'm wondering what would a basic kitchen set up would look like?

What are the requirements for a kitchen that makes and sells food?

We use Traeger's to cook everything (meat, cookies, etc) so there isn't a stove/oven (it's not necessary). There are three large sinks next to the counter where we prepare the food, used for washing dishes (there isn't a dishwasher). I was told by a disgruntled coworker that most kitchen's use bleach to soak dishes but we don't do that. There's a another sink at the other end for hand washing, the one next to that we use for defrosting frozen chicken in a bucket with cold water overnight. A freezer full of meat and boxes of cookies, two fridges, one for meat and the second for other food items like BBQ sauce and potato salad. Our cleaning supplies are in plastic bins under the sinks with the mop nearby.

Is it true that there needs to be a separate area/sink/drain for emptying and filling the mop bucket?

We don't have one of those. I suppose we dump the used water in the same sink we scrub dishes in.

Any feedback will be wonderful. Thank you.