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Very happy Look!!

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Guys I am very happy to say that my rank here went up from Culinary Student to Line Cook!!! I just got a job at Bjs Brewhouse as a Line cook, and I am just 17 years old. They are paying me $9.50 an hour which I think is great for me as starters. I am very happy to start getting experience to reach my goals.
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Congratulations CT! Enjoy the ride! ..Since you won't have time to enjoy the money... ;)
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Congratulations, I got my first line job when I was 17 at TGIF.

After closing your first shift, you walk out of that kitchen a different person. Nothing I learned in school would ever prepare me for the intensity of manning my own station on their 26k saturday nights.

Stay calm, keep collected, make clear & conscious decisions. :chef:
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Thanks alot everyone I appreciate it, and wish me luck haha :D
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