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Philadelphia Restaurants

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Just read this at, I couldn't agree more!

There is this myth about the Philadelphia culinary scene; some of the locals insist that the culinary scene in Philly is up and coming and unique. However, living here for the last two years, and...
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food and wine I believe just rated top "new" chefs and one was from Philly....

I'm right in the middle, between philly and NYC and NYC is easier to get to, so I go there more often....
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Going to philly tomorrow and looking for a place to have lunch....any recommendations?
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I wouldn't recommend Moshulu.

filet medallions came medium well, ordered medium rare, (HUGE pet peeve)

girlfriends seared tuna, asked for VERY rare, was hardly that, server over what seemed like rice-a-roni....Orzo..over a wasabe creme fraiche sauce..literally the orzo was over the wasabe creme fraiche.

The appetizer was great, but it was simple calamari. Dessert was "eh"...girlfriend hated the marscapone cheesecake.

the best part about the meal was the hostess......ooooofha....I think the girlfriend stared more than I did....
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I lived in philly for a time a couple of years ago. I think the foody scene is hyped amongst the youngsters. All my friends used to love Giannas grille. It's this place off of 5th or 6th down by south. Everything there is apparently VEGAN...I've eaten there a couple times but would hardly say it's breathtakingly awesome...then again i eat meat so soy pizza, cheesesteaks and oreo cheesecake is much better when it's not..umm made of soy.

my friends also loved the buffet at the reading terminal market...cos it's cheap (but that too is nothing to rave over)...Apparently now in university city there's a cereal bar restaurant that serves nothing but cereal. Clever and tasty..but not exactly fine dining.

Basically philly consists of a lot of vegan, I believe somewhere my friends even said there was an ethiopian buffet (now if there were ever an oxymoron...that'd be it)

Plenty of chains...cosi's dot almost every other corner...a couple hole in the wall places...bad chinese food...even in china town...and even if you ate at any of these places and enjoyed it..i don't reccommend visiting I've seen MANY MANY roaches and rats...crawling on squagles in the rittenhouse square area of town.

The only place I enjoy eating in Philadelphia...aside from picking up some cheese and meat at the italian market in south philly...

is Geno's
the undisputed king of cheesesteaks.

hope I helped :)
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Philly restaurants

I ate at Mallorca, 110 South St, and it was pretty good. The Chinese food on Race Street is also usually excellent compared to the standardized glop found in the suburbs.
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Mallorca is pretty good...but south street and olde city are the known hub bubs of the good food in Philly. A lot of tourists visit those areas. I'm not trying to start an argument because everybody is certainly entitled to their own taste and opinion but I grew up on the Main Line (philadelphia suburbs) and I've visited almost all 50 states and as far as suburbs go Philadelphia's burbs definitely triumph over a lot of other suburban areas or Philadelphia itself. I could have slightly over inflated opinions on it though because home is where the heart is after all...
The only other suburban area with which I had mouthgasms in was san Francisco's. Then again san Francisco itself has a lot of culinary delights too. I also think that the atlanta georgia region is worth mentioning as I've never been disappointed eating out there.
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Philly burbs


I remember growing up, restaurants were excellent in the suburbs.

I find a lot of the food around the Main Line I've had is tasteless. Not bad, just no taste. But we eat out at group things (not banquets but at restaurants with a big group) so perhaps they aren't trying so hard.
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I would recommend Tony Lukes! or even Geno's or Pat's

Ranking and reviewing the world's best sandwiches one bite at a time.

Ranking and reviewing the world's best sandwiches one bite at a time.
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I hear that Gino's is doing a Steak Tartar hogey. LoL Love Philly live there many years. Doesn't Morremoto,that iron chef guy have a restuant there.
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yes he does...never been
I'm also interested in visiting russia house in olde city...there were many articles on that place when it opened up and it's supposed to be really authentic russian food and it's pretty unique.
can't find anybody to go with me yet...i do have one friend (that's russian) that's interested but i live far from philly now so
maybe some day.
I'm also not a huge fan of russian cuisine..but i want to go because it would be really interesting!
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