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I've seen many posts asking which knives people should buy for their own use, but my question is a little different.

I am the manager of a restaurant supply store. We currently stock an inexpensive line of stamped knives. They are good enough for our core customers (mom-and-pops, small restaurants with small budgets). When the owners who are not doing the cooking shop, these are the knives they buy. However, when those who do the cooking are in the store we are often asked about "good knives."

I'd like to start carrying a better line of knives, but I need advice on which brand holds the broadest appeal. I'd really like something that's forged, but not the best possible knives. We also have many home owners who shop at our store and I'd like something they can afford and appreciate as well.

The other main issue is that we can't carry a line of knives that is available at places like Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The reason is that those companies buy from the manufacturers in such quantities that they get discounts that us little guys can only dream about.

I appreciate any advice you might have to offer.

Thank you