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I've seen many posts from people asking which knives to buy for their own use, but I'm looking for a little different advice.

I am the manager of a restaurant supply store. We currently carry an inexpensive line of stamped stainless steel knives. They are very much geared toward our core customer base (mom an pops or small restaurants with small budgets). These knives are popular with the restaurant owners because the are decent knives at a great price However, we've lately been getting questions from the people actually doing the cooking about "good knives" and have decided it is time to carry a nice line of forged knives.

We are looking for a nice knives with the widest level of appeal. We aren't necessarily looking for the top of the line, but something that is really good with a reasonable price. We can't get the lines that are carried by stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or Target (like Henckels) because we cannot buy in the bulk numbers those stores buy at. There is no way we could be competitive on pricing.

So far, we've gotten recommendations for F. Dick, Dexter Russell, EdgeCraft, Forschner, Chicago Cutlery (I think these are carried by a major department store), and Smithenfield (?)

Any advice would be appreciated.