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considering starting a business

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ok so im running short of cash each month, and im trying to get a second job that i can do and am good at...

the long term plan is to buy and operate a public house (if i can find a good one, i plan on staying long term) now wether i have to go freehold or leasehold or even (god forbid) as part of a chain... its gonna happen

anyway, i spent the afternoon today as it was quiet, going through the kitchen, and deep cleaning it... i had nothing else to do once i was cleaned (except cook and tickets that came on) as i was already prepped for the night so i found it kinda therapeutic, it felt better (it was a quiet day so i spent most of the day re-organising anyway) and i know after a busy shift i dont want to clean down... so how about becoming self employed as a cleaner for kitchens... i mean, im trained in how kitchens should be cleaned, trained in chemical safety, i know what should go where (mostly... all chef's want everything in a diff place i know)

what do you think? would it work? or be workable? i know i could reduce my outgoings by writing off things in tax like my phone bill (if i was using my mobile to manage jobs) RAC membership etc...

or how about a mobile cook/chef i can go to wherever and cook your food for parties, or prepare food and bring it so you can simply do the last steps and serve?

what do you think?
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Gosh I don't remember how much they got, but there are people who go around cleaning hoods. Apparently it's good enough so they're doing it.
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I restaurant I use to manage started out using a cleaning service. They were fast and efficient and did a good job. While it was a new building it really was kept looking that way by the cleaning service. Every morning the entire place was looking brand new. The service wasn't cheap but it was good. In the end though, it was one of the first things to go when the money got tight. It didn't take long for the appearance of the place to start going downhill, but it was cheaper for the owners to have the regular employees clean the place. I often wondered if it would have been better for the owners to have the service come in once a week or even twice a month and work their magic. However I do seem to recall that the service was not interested in that as they felt the accumulated dirt would end up creating a harder job for them. Thats about all I can offer form my experience.
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yeah if you as an employee knew that tomorrow night was the cleaning crews night... would you really bother to clean fully?
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