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Today was a good day

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Yes guys today was my first day as a line cook, at Bjs Brewhouse Restaurant. It was tough, but really fun. I made about 600 salads today haha. Yep im telling you guys if you want the kitchen experience get a part time job as a line cook while going to culinary school. So you can save up money, and learn fast.
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Congrats on your first day! There is some fun in surviving a hard workday and it builds character.

Today was a tough one for me too. I had to feed about 65 crew and this shoot had 8 location moves. 8 moves is crazy stuff with more tomorrow.
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yes shake and bake thank you very much. and yeah seems like you had a tough one to haha. :] thats what makes us hard workers :p
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I was thinking of the Ice Cube song when I read this thread (though I probably am showing my age now).

Congratulations on a good first night. Keep it up and don't let the bad nights discourage you, happens to all of us.
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Haha thank you RAS
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