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Torpedo bun

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I recently used a sub that was like a sponge. After cutting it open you could push it down and it would jump right back up. I have tried to remake this sub with no success. everytime I do mine turns out to moist. I need this to hold meatball subs, ect,. Any recipe suggestions would be great...thanks!:mad:
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Are you looking to purchase a bun that has firm texture or are you trying to bake one from scratch?

Since you don't list where you're from, but your screen name is HOLLYWOOD, I'll assume you live near Hollywood, California. If so, check out the bakery at the Pavillions on Melrose and Vine. For a grocery chain, they have a great selection of bread, especially at this particular store. The bread is ready early as well, usually anytime after 6am. If you go there, try the french roll or the sourdough roll. These are long 6"ish buns. I use them for sandwiches all the time. I"m not sure if they'll meet what you are looking for, but @ 2/$1.00 you might as well try them.
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