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creme frache keeps breaking-help

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creme frache keeeps breaking on augratin potatoes-how do I keep this from happening? Have lowered the temp-recipe called for 400, decreased to 350, & increased time, but by the time taters were done, creme had broken & greasey again. Need help. Didn't happen the first couple of times I did the recipe, & really like the taste.....
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Sounds like curdling. But there's been a lot of that going around lately, so I may be oversensitive. Tell us the entire ingredient list, including what type of potato; describe your procedure, including how thick the potato slices, how many layers of spud, and the dish dimensions; and let's see if we can't break it down.

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Creme fraiche

Sounds interesting, I'm with Boar_D_Laze I just want your recipe, are you making your own creme or is it purchased?, It's been a while since I worked with creme but i think it might curdle another dairy if combined with it, it might work better if you use it to finish the potatoes to order, as if you pre -made them for service then reheated them to order, hit them with some creme and maybe flash them under the salamader, it's an idea but not much help without first understanding the dish that is being served.

I always like my gratin potatoes with blue cheese, ok that's enough of this I'm getting hungry It's 11:45am where can i get some gratin potatoes
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1.5c creme fraiche, 1/3c whipping creme, 1.5t salt, 3/4t thyme usually use 3lb yukon gold potatoes cut thin. All split into three layers. Worked the first couple of times I made it, have been having trouble ever since. Have used russets a couple of times worked once, not since. First time I posted the problem got told it was breaking, from the heat, so tried lowering, still a problem. if it is something else, with a different fix i would appreciate the info. They taste good still, so I don't want to give up on them, bu they are terribly greasy.

It is purchased creme, tried making it once, dismal failure, never did thicken, & I figured I'd kill my family with the stuff.... I'm sure no insurance company in the world would pay off when they heard that cause of death was being fed week old unrefrigerated dairy products....I can see the call from the DA now....
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A gratin of potatoes works by the potatoes giving off some of their starch which thickens the cream. Creme fraiche is on the delicate side to be the principal dairy. Yukon Golds are a little low on starch, compared to russets -- but they're the current favorite for gratins because of their color and flavor. They work for other people, why not you?

I've never made a gratin with (nearly) all creme fraiche. So understand I'm not coming from a place of great experience and perfected recipes. Nevertheless ...

IIRC we already talked about taking the gratin out of the oven as soon as it's ready -- i.e., the first drops of butterfat rise to the surface -- rather than waiting for a certain time limit. We did not talk about a resting period. Let the gratin rest for at least ten minutes before serving. The first suggestion is important vis a vis your problem, but presumably it's how you roll already. The second is good general advice, but marginal as to the separation issue.

Possible fixes: Reverse the ratio of creme fraiche to regular cream, which is sturdier. Replace the YGs wholly or in part with russets, russets are drier and starchier. Dry the potatoes more carefully before assembly. Blanche the potatoes briefly before drying and assembly. Lower the heat to 325. Add another half pound or potatoes to the recipe, or decrease the amount of liquid to 1-1/2 cup total.

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eliminate the creme fraiche....I doubt you will be able to tell the difference.
you might try putting the cream and creme fraiche in a large rondeau over a
flat top....bring almost to a simmer.....then add your potatoes....right from the robo-coup or slicer...quickly so the don't oxidize......don't put them in water......simmer while stirring until just tender and the cream becomes slightly thick.....then pan them up and finish in the oven....
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