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Here is the problem (in the U.S. aside from my initial problem, and completely off topic).....if you're getting paid so ******.....

a. quit. Wal-Mart is hiring greeters at more than minimum wage, and white castle is hiring at 10+ an hour....

b. why do I keep hearing everyone who is in the retail/food services industry say "only way to make good money without a degree/expertise is to bartend or wait", I don't "buy" that waitstaff/servers don't do just as good as anyone else with same education/expertise.

EVERY college kid I know pines for a wait/server/bartender job because THATS where the money is for them.

again, nothing to do with my initial "issue"...just had to offtopic rant for a second.
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p.s. for every bad tipper that tips nothing or 10%, there are people like me who tip 25$ consistently.

I deal with ****** people at work all day too, wouldn't be called work otherwise.
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I still honestly believe that if a server receives a poor tip the first place they need to look is at themselves. It's their table and they have total control of it. Yes I said total since a great meal can't save a bad server but a great server can save just about anything.

Most servers just chalk it up to "I did everything I possibly could" and for the most part that's not always true. They are the ones with the bad 'tudes and unkempt appearance and have to write a "recommended tip" on the bottom of the guest check. There are those where that may be the case and the tip sometimes doesn't reflect it. Then you have to think well maybe the folks were short funds and didn't realize it or a host of other possible scenarios. If you focus on the negative and that they were horrible guests, then you will carry that to the next table, and the next and the next see where I'm going.

Just because a server makes 2.13 an hour (or whatever it is) it's still not excuse for poor service nor should they be focusing energy on trying to educate their guests by stating what a suggested tip should be.

For the record I waited tables...way back when but in the last 15 years. I can't say I was the best but I will say that while employed at a "Casual Theme" restaurant in their heyday, I was a Top10and Top5 server and a couple times I was also a Top5 kitchen employee simultaneously. Heck I was even asked to cover shifts at three other locations in the area I lived in for both FOH and BOH. Walking out off a first cut dbl on a Thursday with 400.00 in my pocket wasn't just because the store was doing 85m (m is accounting lingo for thousand) a week.:D But this is not about me. Ironically these are actually the concepts that once set the standard for great food and service and it's a shame they have allowed themselves to become what they have.

What RP mentioned in the last two posts is absolutely correct. A very good server will and can make middle 5 figures but it takes a good deal of effort and commitment. Like he also said it is called work for a reason.

Unfortunately because of the profit structures and practices of most of these places, you're more apt to see poor service and food. Plus given our area of the state, it's just not economical nor responsible to make the 30mile (oneway) trek to areas that support a vibrant, local industry. We do but only when we have planned to do so with family or friends. So it's take it or leave it and we've actually decided to leave it only to retest the waters every blue moon. It's just not worth it to go to a mediocre or less place for mediocre or less food, service and ambiance.
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Amen to that. We rarely go out anymore anyway. The food and service at home is much better than just about anyplace in this town.
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RPMcMurphy p.s. for every bad tipper that tips nothing or 10%, there are people like me who tip 25$ consistently.

true, and me as well...
but if you think about it we're paying for all the other ppl without the courtesy to give anything.
My beef isn't with ppl who give ten percent it's with ppl who know what these ppl are being paid and that it's customary to tip and STILL DON'T.

Also, service isn't the way it was back in the "day" because a lot of corporatization has happened in the restaurant industry. I'm a cook at one of these type places and our servers are lucky to walk out with 40 bucks a day. It's also the customer base they are serving that aren't so generous with their money and usually expect a lot more from them.

Bad service is bad service and I agree with being mad about it..and not tipping as well
but I don't agree with walking into a full house on a friday night and being nit picky over my cola refill and having my butt wiped.
To be honest with you I just want my food to taste good and be hot when I eat out. I'm the type that prefers to be NOT bothered while eating...all those "are you oks" four times a meal while I'm trying to chew get rather annoying.
but that's just my personal opinion.

Furthermore, I don't care if a waiter is pulling in 400 bucks, that's good for them..that means they waited enough tables and did a good job and if they did an alright job and I got what I wanted I have a duty to leave them money too and not get jealous they made more then most people and NOT leave a tip.

And I know a lot of people aren't like this, but there are certain people who are prejudiced against certain types of people. The best examples of this are my uncles and my grandmother. If they so much as think our server is unattractive, fat or some other demographic they may not particularly like it will affect the tip as well.

If this wasn't true, the hooters woman wouldn't be taking home so much money AND DATES..
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How many of you remember the TV Show "3rd Rock from the Sun""

I use the "Dick Simon" method of tipping. For those of you who don't remember, he started the meal with a lots of dollar bills on the corner of the table. He informed the waitstaff that the money was their tip...and everytime they did something that he felt was not up to standards.....he removed a few dollars. Whatever was left over at the end of the meal...was the tip.

Use it all the time...get GREAT service. "Try'll LIKE it":lol:
Cantor Posner aka ChefBoyof Dees

"An Armed Society is a Polite Society"--Robert A Heinlein

"You either Do or Don't Do...There is no TRY" --Yodah
Cantor Posner aka ChefBoyof Dees

"An Armed Society is a Polite Society"--Robert A Heinlein

"You either Do or Don't Do...There is no TRY" --Yodah
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i do always tip, however, in ireland there are a few things that really annoy me regarding tipping.

some restaurants take a tip whether you like it or not ("x% service charge will be added at the end of your bill"). so regardless of the service i receive, i will have this mandatory charge added anyway. i know that legally i can refuse this part of the bill but not many want to create a fuss at the end of a meal in a busy restaurant.

and the fact that the tip is added at the end of the bill - as opposed to after the food and extras such as water, soft drinks, teas/coffees.
therefore the more i spend - buying, say, more expensive/extra wines, and adding liqueuers and so on, thus upping the owners profits, results in my being penalised for so doing.

another gripe i have is restaurants who in general leave tips as optional and add: for tables of 8 or more, x% service is automatically charged. ok. so the restaurant has 5 tables of 2 and no automatic service is added but if i take my friends and family and book a table of 10 (same amount as the 5 tables of 2), i will be more or less railroaded into paying whatever service charge the restaurant has decided. that makes no sense to me at all.

all that aside, when i leave a tip i always try to give it in cash and directly to the person who served our table (and if more than one, i tell the other person i have left the tip with the first person). the reason for this is that some of restaurants in both ireland and the uk feel the tip is the owners money and the waiting staff see very little, if indeed any of it. i'm glad that the restaurant critic a.a. gill has a bee in his bonnet about this and is highlighting it more and more.
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What a horrible statement to make. The girls at Hooters are not strippers or prostitutes and I sincerely doubt that they work there for the purpose of getting dates. I think that is an unfair statement to make although I'm trying to understand your point that people discriminate. Discrimination in the US is rampant so of course it shows in the restaurant business as well. But hopefully people like your uncle and grandmother who tip according to someone's "demographic" are on the decline by having people stand up to them. I believe it is our job to stand against people when they make condescending remarks about someones weight, height, age, gender, or ethnicity.

"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."


"You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy, or fake."

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Originally Posted by bundens
If this wasn't true, the hooters woman wouldn't be taking home so much money AND DATES..

Good for you, Mapiva!
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The amount of mean-spiritedness and general disrespect displayed in this thread is disheartening. There are a lot of "issues" on display. I don't understand the need to punish an adult for making a mistake or having a bad night.

The "Dick Simon Method" is a case in point. It's nothing but sadism exercised over people who aren't in a position to fight back. It's not only that example, but several people have written to the effect they believe they teach a "valuable lesson" by shorting the tip.

Yes, eating is an emotional experience, and delays in a restaurant can be disproportionately frustrating for the diner. But grab some perspective. The server is an independent person performing honorable work -- not your student, your child or your dog. If you've got a problem, say something in a low voice, politely. In my experience, people with actual authority don't feel any need to throw it around. At any rate, I'm not impressed.

In most industrialized countries, FOH are paid better than here. It's unfortunate that in the United States the diner stands in as the wait staff employer when it comes to salary above our grossly inadequate minimum wage -- but that's how it is. They depend on your grace for their livelihood. In other words, it's as much about the diner as the server. If you're a good employer, behave and tip accordingly. Class shows.

Returning to the OP, RPM's was frustrated that his waitress didn't accord him the respect of assuming he knew how to hold up his end of the unstated bargain. Irritated, but a mensch, he still left a decent tip.

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