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Two or more babies at once . . . are any of you a twin or multiple or a parent to one? Or have them in your family?

I'm a dad of boy/girl twins, so they're fraternal of course. They're 10 years old now. I remember when my wife first phoned me at work saying she found out she had twins. I was like WOW and that helped her since she was about ready to kill herself :D She's a petite woman, about 110 pounds, and these babies were big for twins, 6.75 and 7.5 pounds. I didn't envy her pregnancy.

As infants they seemed to take turns getting sick, and took turns sleeping, so neither of us got much sleep. I remember waking up to a baby crying and being thankful I got 2 hours of continuous sleep.

They have very different personalities. The boy wants to please us and the girl wants what she wants right now! She's high-functioning autistic, not very good socially, but years ahead in her math and writing.

By the way, we named them Lauren (the girl) and Mark.

Anybody else here got experience? Would be fun to hear about it.