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Kitchen rental AZ

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I'm hoping to rent kitchen space in the Mesa Az area for about 10 hours a week (or more). Has anyone ever done this? Any advice on how to go about finding space? Any advice would be very appriciated. Thanks in advance!
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Bakery kitchen rental

Hello, Have you found a space to rent yet? I own a cake shop and have been considering renting the kitchen to other licensed bakers. Let me know if you are still looking.
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@ blameman:

I am also looking into starting my own bakery but need a place to start, I'm looking into getting a license and finding a kitchen to rent out until I am able to eventually get my own location. I am in Queen Creek area? Are you close by?

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im in AZ as well and i hate to say this word "craigslist" in the past has posted kitchen rentals

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Can you send me some information on rental fees in your bakery?  Please send them to my email address at dowe_lisa@yahoo.com


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