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Cookware help guys

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OK much like my post on knives i am on a limited budget for cookware. I am fortunate enough to have a restaurant supply within a half mile from my home. I paid them a visit and saw lots of things i would love to have. For me looks is secondary i want pieces that are going to last. I saw a lot of blue handle frying pans etc. The blue handle items were aluminum is this ok? They seem very durable and i know stainless seems like the way to go but i may be priced out for now on stainless. And can you guys suggest the basic setup like frying pan + stock pot + sauce pan? enlighten me folks much like my ginsu knives lol i'm looking past T-Fal non stick stuff. Any info is appreciated. BY the way i am a home cook not a pro and like to make a variety of different foods.
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I bought a set of Emerilware Hard Anodized Cookware at Christmas and really like it. They heat distribution is good. I went back and purchased a stainless steel saute pan to go with it. The set was 199.00. I was looking to upgrade from T-fal but could not see paying the price for All-Clad until I got more practice.
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You know i looked at that set online after i read your post and it looks like a nice set it's 10 pc. for $199
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