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Crazy corn...

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A family I worked for once made me some "Crazy corn" quite a few years back. The family was hispanic, but I am not sure if other ethnicities make a similar food like this. I am wondering if anyone knows the real recipe for this? I know a little of the recipe:

Boil or grill corn on the cob in the husk.
Peel back husk, lightly butter, then close back in the husk as you continue to butter other corn.
Open husk again and pull the husk off of the corn.
Spread on fresh crema.
Sprinkle on shredded cheese (cheddar I think, but not positive).
Flavor it with salt and spices (I think they used Cayenne and possibly Paprika, but not for sure Paprika).
And then eat and enjoy!

I would love to re-make this recipe this summer for friends and family, but have lost touch with the family who made it for me over the years. I hope someone here can help me put together the rest of this recipe!
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I am no help with this recipe, but the corn husk adds so much flavor.
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Did they call it elote?
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The mom who was the one who made it said it had another name, but they called it "crazy corn" in the US, so perhaps "elote" is another name for it. Would you know a reciepe with "elote" that sounds similar?
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Haha! No one in my family makes elote. We live in a border town so there are restaurants and little elote stands everywhere; I always get elote en vaso, which is just corn in a cup. It's basically just white corn with cheese (the restaurants and stands use some white powdery cheese that's somewhat like the parmesan you can buy in the shakers but it doesn't have much taste at all), lime, chili powder, and salt.... They basically just give you a roasted corn on the cob or a cupfull and you add what you want....
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...
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I can't post a link yet but just go to allrecipes.com then search for mexican corn on the cob, only the one recipe will pop up. It seems like a pretty good recipe, though I've never had it with mayonaise... do tell me if you try it and it's tasty :D
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A buddy of mine made this for me one Summer, but never heard him call it crazy. Although, I might have thought he was. He had slight variations. He buttered it and used the husk for flavor in the same way. However, he used mayo. Sprinkled some pamesean, paparika, and finished with salt and pepper. I still repeat the recipe every Summer. And Mexican? This guy was African-American, so I thought it was some kind of soul food rendition.
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Well, I looked up the recipe on allrecipes.com and the picture looks quite yummy, but I know for sure the family did not put mayo on theirs! Too me it does not sound appealing, but worth a try to see how it truly tastes. Perhaps I'll try this recipe this summer as well. I am still in search of a recipe using fresh crema though as I know that for sure was in the family's recipe and made it super yummy! But thanks for the help Ameliah!

Well, I can't be sure the recipe I had was of any Hispanic origins, but the family I had it from was and I thought it was a family recipe, though I am sure many cultures can have similar recipes out there! I lived in the South for a few years though and never had any recipe like this one, but then again I am sure there were a lot of soul foods I didn't get to try! Again, I'm not sure on the mayo part, but I'm willing to give it a try, so we'll see what happens this summer. Still has to warm up a bit here for me to get out grillin' but when I do I'll let you know how it all turns out! Thanks for the help Brexs!
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