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dinner party

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Putting together a menu for my for a little dinner party at my place for my wife to be and her friends. Were in the houston area so its hotttt!!! So no braised stuff :cry:. Bunch of ladies that I don't think really appreciate fine dining but like some nice stuff. The menu has to be cheap and it's all going out at the same time as kind of a tapa's buffet, I want it all to be small bites and finger foods are a plus. Here's some ideas so far.

Chilled Roasted red, orange and yellow peppers and asparagus platter with some sort of vinaigrette ?garnish?

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin topped with caramelized onions and gorgonzola

Crab and almond crostinis

Sweet potato brioche squares topped with goat cheese, honey and raspberries

Sliced cucumber hollowed out a bit filled with herbed cream cheese topped with smoked salmon

This is what I got so far, need probably 2 more dishes. Prep isnt an issue, having it night of my day off. Thanks for any help.
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so you want some girly food

how about shelled cooked prawns wrapped in strips of zucchini can be served hot or cold
minature tart shells filled with pulled smoked chicken, cream fraiche with green onions or chives and a little lime and chilli
stuffed cherry tomatoes with crab meat
toast points with chicken and herb pate
or baby potatoes twice baked and stuffed with proscuito, cream cheese and diced red peppers

and to finish off
minature chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with alternate vanilla and chocolate frosting on top
fresh strawberries if in season with a yoghurt dipping sauce
minature fruit tarts with toffee strings
when life hands you lemons, make lemon gelee, lemon meringue pie, or any other dessert your heart desires
when life hands you lemons, make lemon gelee, lemon meringue pie, or any other dessert your heart desires
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Costed out, a good item. But, it's pork fat served on pork topped with cheese. Are any of these young ladies calorie conscious? If they are, it's a certain leftover.

I like the idea of using prawns or sashimi grade tuna, but it's substantially more $$$ than the pork.
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tessa, I shall come to visit you and eat this wonderful menu, then I'll wake-up.
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Fresh Spring Rolls with spring veg....asp, snow peas, carrots, thai basil or another herb...add cooked shrimp halves, small would be fine, I put hoisin on the inside. minis are cute

Crab cakes or crab salad in endive leaves

Reads stupid, but deviled eggs.....possibly quail eggs or just an interesting filling in the egg.

Oldie but goodie.....if your melons are in season, proscuitto and melon or Asparagus with dijon and proscuitto wrapped around the base

Stuffed chicken drummies.....pull the meat up and make a lollipop, bone is the handle.

This again is old school and maybe it can be updated somehow but years ago in southern Louisiana we would take a piece of ham, cream cheese and pickled okra. I love that combo, just ready about a ladies snacky thing in the south seemed to bring that up.

CHOCOLATE.....forget the sweet potato, you've got women....dark chocolate
flourless chocolate cake with ganauche or killer brownies or chocolate martinis, or chocolate mousse with raspberries/strawberries and chambord.

I made puff with tart lemon curd and strawberries with chambord for lunch, it was a hit....they wanted a name for it, "Julie's Special"
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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sure thing Steve

Drop by anytime :lol::lol:
when life hands you lemons, make lemon gelee, lemon meringue pie, or any other dessert your heart desires
when life hands you lemons, make lemon gelee, lemon meringue pie, or any other dessert your heart desires
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In the summer when it's hot, we frequently have people over for a "Bruschetta Bar". Make a big basket of crostini, and lay out toppings for people to create their own mini masterpieces. The standard bruschetta topping with tomatoes olive oil garlic and basil is a great base for many other toppings. I usually grill a flank steak, and slice it thin, along with grilled portabella mushrooms, olive tapenade, grilled peppers, and assorted fresh items like basil, baby greens, and cheeses. This is always a hit with the friends that come over, and a great meal to try assorted wines with.
Never trust a skinny cook
Never trust a skinny cook
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One smoked item, either chicken or beef -- both of which are lacking. Given that you're in Texas, brisket looms large. But offhand I can't think of a way to serve it that fits with your theme and doesn't overlap the dishes you've already planned. A smoked, moderately spiced, home-made beef link would do your menu proud. Serve on a pomme gaufrette.

A Vietnamese type summer roll would go quite nicely.

If your ladies are up to high heat, spicy Mexican style shrimp (Gamba Diablo).

Pate of duck or chicken liver au cognac

Pate of smoked trout

Goat cheese won ton

Smoked chicken egg roll

Buckwheat blini with salmon caviar

(Ground) Lamb kabab with a yogurt/mint sauce

Monkey bread

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i do a smoked salmon moose that is very good that i smoke with cherry wood.

in a food processor mix dill, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and depending on how think it is add cream to thin it out.

also i have a shrimp and artichoke dip msg me if you want it.

have you thought about grilling any meat? tri-tip with a marinade is always a good choice
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I hadn't really thought much of it because it's not particularly "tapas" friendly. But I do a hot-smoked salmon too. Mine is smoked over maple with a maple-black pepper glaze and served with a horse-radish creme fraiche. I really like yours. I used to do a cornucopia of smoked salmon stuffed with a trout farcee, but I figure youngbuck had enough problems without dealing with French between the wars stuff.

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I'm with Shroomgirl on the deviled eggs. Wildly popular. Even if they don't like you, you'll be the star of any party if you bring deviled eggs. I put some horseradish in mine, which people seem to like. I have been toying with the idea (but have not tried it) of running the deviled egg ingredients through the processor and piping it onto bread or crackers like a spread. I also used to make a spread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, grated onion, chopped pecans and enough mayo to get the soft consistency of a dip. Very good and popular dish.
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I too vote for deviled eggs, you’re in Texas, no need for quail eggs (everything’s bigger there any way, maybe ostrich? J ). Like greyeaglem, I use horseradish and garnish with half a green olive, it is yummy. I also run mine through a processor so I can pipe with a large star tip without relish chunks clogging the tip. (greyeaglem, I’ve piped the filling onto crackers and bread chips and it has been well received.)

Since you’re dealing with Texas weather….what about homemade pimento cheese in choux? (It’s a Southern thing, ya’ll.) Great alternative to traditional pimento cheese finger sandwichs.

I use extra sharp cheddar (grated fine), finely chopped butter toasted pecans, sherry, fresh cracked pepper, and instead of mayo I use a combo of sour cream and olive oil. Oh yeah and pimentos. Shoot for “pipeable” consistency and you can use a pastry bag for assembly.
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