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Over the winter I played around with a yellow cake/cupcake recipe and I've ended up with surprisingly good results. It uses common baking ingredients in slightly unusual ways (no canned tomato soup or sauerkraut). I've googled around and haven't seen other recipes like this.

So, what should I do with it?

Use it to impress my friends? Start a small home based cake baking business? Write a tiny cookbook? Share it with the world through the innertubes?

I'm not serious about the cookbook, I really only have 2-3 recipes to contribute to the world of baking, and there are already a gazillion cookbooks to compete with.

I'm not really interested in home based catering, although I may someday go back into the food biz.

This recipe is a little fussy, but most people willing to bake from scratch shouldn't be put off by that.

What would you do?