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Impostor jalapenos!!!

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I got a couple of nice looking jalapenos. I'm using them in a bean dish. My problem is that they are hardly even hot!! The flavor is good, but the scoville scale is in the negative realm. What's going on????
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I have felt that they have been "dumbing down" the heat in Jalapenos for some time now. I know that growing conditions (temperature, soil pH) can change the heat of a pepper, but I think that the heat is being manipulated on purpose to appeal to a broader market. Also, most Jalapenos are sold to companies that process them in some way, and if they are mild, the manufacturer can use extracts, and concentrates to achieve a consistent heat in their finished product. The chiliheads are the ones getting screwed.

Planting your own pepper plants will give you a better product, and 2-3 plants will provide you with quite a few peppers during the summer. If this won't work for you, switch to Serrano chilis, in addition to the Jalapenos to get the heat bumped up in whatever you are cooking.
Never trust a skinny cook
Never trust a skinny cook
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All chiles vary greatly in their hotness. Since jalapenos lie towards the bottom of the scoville scale their heat differences are quite noticable whereas who really can tell the difference if a habanero is 200,000 scoville units or 250,000 units. Since jalapenos average around 5000-8000 scoville units, and sometimes less their differences are quite noticable, especially when you get mild ones. While this can happen naturally I do agree with geese4u that many mass producers have bred for milder jalapenos to appeal to the masses. Try buying from farmers markets or grow your own for better, though less consistent, results.
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KY Heirloomer should be able to answer this.....Seems to me,
I've always been told to keep spicy chiles in the garden as far
away from bell or banana peppers....something to do with cross
pollenation....can result in a jalapeno thats not much more spicy
than a bell pepper.....same thing goes for other peppers....I have
had some pablanos that just lit me up.....much spicier than they
should have been....with jalepenos...look for the ones that have
tiny brown veins on the skin...almost like the seems in the stem area
of a tomato....they tend to be spicier more than not....
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