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What's your favorite lettuce? I'm in a lettuce rut, and, honestly, am not familiar with many of the dozens of varieties available. I like romain, and eat it several times a week, including red romain. Bibb lettuce and some leafy green and red lettuce find their way to my table at times.

So, what do you like, and do you have any special or interesting ways to eat it? Grilled romain is nice ... and I've made soup from lettuce a few times.

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I like curly endive/frisée once in a while. It's a little bitter, has some crunch and is pretty. The other day the weather turned cold so I braised it for 1-2 minutes in chix stock and some olive oil. Still had a firm crunch- delish.
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sorrel added into lettuces
spring mix....several farmers have their own mix
head lettuce, some of our growers are raising iceberg and it has alot of flavor and crunch
bibb...lemon juice, nut oil dressing
dandilion....pissonolet, poached egg, roasted potatoes, lardons, shallot dressing
rocket or arugula, spicy....I like it with a fruit and vinagrette
green leaf/red leaf, parsley, violets....light vinagrette
I like sugar snaps or haricot verte mixed with greens, a crunch from either toasted nuts or croutons, possibly fruit...mandrian oranges, orange supremes, craisins, etc.
Italian salad with red onions, artichokes, red peppers, olives, romain, asparagus, parmesan

Greek with fresh lemon oregano dressing....

Leaf lettuces with crumbled blue cheese dressing, fresh apricots or toasted walnuts, shallots or scallions.....yummmm....

Salads show up on most of my menus and most at home meals....at times there are no leaves just roasted veg and dressing or a childhood fav with green peas, scallions and a cream dressing.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Interesting idea - that's one I'll try. Thanks!

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Thanks for some really great ideas, shroom.

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