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Cookie Press Dough

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I just got a cookie press for Mother's calls for a spritz dough..Can I use sugar cookie dough instead or will it not work?:roll:
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I am not a pro but I would imagine if the dough is soft but not gooey it should work just fine. If you squish it in your hands and it holds a shape, it should be good. A spritzer recipe is soft. It is not sticky, just soft enough to mush into the tube. Ido not recommend chilling a dough to be used in a tube. You would have to leave it out too long to soften enough and if you have egg in the recipe it is not a safe practice. If you have to wait to use it, put it away flat as a pancake so it will take less time to soften. You can mush it between sheets of waxed paper.
I never chilled a cookie gun dough of any kind.
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Thank you Cookie Mama!

I was going to make a sugar cookie dough and press it out before chilling...I was under the impression that the chilling was just if you wanted to cut it...I'm not an expert either ! :lol: I am still larning but I have not madea spritz dough as of yet.,.thank you for the info!
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I would suggest you make the recommended spritz dough for the first few times using your new cookie press. This will give you an idea of what the dough needs to be like. From there you can make the sugar cookie dough to match the consistency of the spritz dough.
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Thank You!

Thanx for the help!!
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