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Back in the early 1970's, the wife and I were bored on a Saturday, and just turned on our little 12" B&W tv. Just in time to see Secretariat win the Kentucky Derby by 20 lengths (or whatever). Never watch horseracing before, but that was quite a race.

Then a few weeks later, not paying any attention to time or channel, we just, out of boredom, turned on the TV again, and lo and behold, watched Secretariat win the Preakness, again by 20 lengths or so. Wow, some horse.

Didn't think much more about it, until about a few weeks later, we once again, out of boredom turned on the TV on a Saturday just in time to see the Belmont Stakes and Secretariat won again.

I found out later, this was one of the most outstanding horses of all time.

Never thought about it much again, until, just out of boredom, this last Saturday I turned on the tv and saw the Preakness won by Big Brown.

Reminded me of Secretariat, in that Big Brown, they said, had never been beaten and had won the Kentucky Derby a few weeks earlier.

Got to remember, I don't watch horseracing, and hadn't seen a race since Secretariat.

Wife was out of town on Sat., came home on SUnday and asked, right out of the blue, if I had seen the Preakness on Saturday. Very unusual question for the wife to ask me over 38 years of being together!

Then she burst out that her neighbor farm kid had raised Big Brown back in Foxhome MN. A town of 102 people. The farm butts right up to my wife's family farm and the two families are very close.

She doesn't know if he sold the horse to somebody or was racing him himself, but what a coincidence. Big Brown is a REALLY big horse. Good luck to him in the Belmont Stakes!