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well this has to be my fav dish i've ever made, it tasted great and looked great too, all it is, is a honey steak and bacon quesadilla,


1. marinade steak in honey, salt, pepper and garlic
2. bacon
3. mozarella and sharp cheddar cheese

all i did was pan fry the steak till it was well done, then fried up the bacon till it was nice and crisp, threw it in a tortilla with the cheese and threw it in the oven to cook

the sauce is a taco based sauce with ortega taco sauce, texas pete hot sauce, honey, chile powder, ground pepper, and some worcheshire sauce

remember i'm only 17 with no formal education so please dont think i'm some professional :p

critique welcome

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Looks nice! Next time pan sear the steak then finish in a 250 oven to about medium instead of well done. Take it out and let it rest for 15 minutes before slicing. I think bacon and cheddar are 2 main food groups :roll:
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thanks for the reply, may i ask what just searing it and finishing it in the oven does for the steak differntly then just frying it all the way in the pan?

thank you
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where's the steak? :D
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its inside the quesadilla, along with some bacon, the bacon you see on the top is just a garnish :D mmm i love bacon
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The steak will retain more juices that way. Some chopped green onion on top for more color would really look good (and be tasty).
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well thank you for that tip, juicy steak is always good :D also yes green onions would have looked and been great, but this was just something i threw together for dinner with stuff we had around the house, next time i'll be sure to grab some
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