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im not the best pastry chef in the world, so im asking all my chef mate to plz help me with a couple of nice sweets for my summer menu in cumbria.

a few local fruits over here will be in ,dammsons,blackberries,cherrys,and loverly english starwberry any ideas plz .:chef:
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tutti fruity desserts

back in the day when I was a pastry chef at a summer island resort one of my popular simple desserts was a individual fruit and chocolate fondue

melt the chocolate (and you could do variations like milk chocolate and hazelnut or almonds and chocolate or just plain chocolate - dark chocolate to the non brits)
with berries, kiwi, maybe even a baby banana (harder to keep at right consistency)

cherry cobbler or crumble or damson/cherry crumble.

flavored whipped cream eg amaretto, frangelicio or even tia maria with berries and possible some nice sponge cake - rather like an american strawberry shortcake but pumped up a bit. You could also skip the cake or you could use lady fingers and make the whipped cream more mousse like by adding good quality (eg belgium) white chocolate - don't have to worry about cream sagging and the flavor with the whipped cream and liquor is dEE VINE

apples with creme fraiche ( I think that the damson are a british apple variety) and brown sugar/maple syrup glaze, could even make that sweet and spicy by adding chili or chipotle powder

strawberries with balsmamic glaze

strawberries and or figs with fresh ricotta cheese and drizzle of honey
again a touch of spice might be nice here too.

honey lime and strawberry smoothie with yogurt

greek yogurt sweetened local honey and fresh berries and or apples

blackberry pie - or blackberry wontons perhaps mixed with sweetened cream cheese ala philadelphia and stuffed into wonton, frozen and deep fried oh that sounds soooo yummy.

raspberries should be in season soon too

make a great shortbread and cover with raspberries and heavy cream with a touch of frangelicio (hazelnut liquor)

trifle of course with fresh fruit and heavy cream

custard topped with berries

rugelach (google for recipe) - a cream cheese dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon rolled up with nuts and berries (usually preserves but either make your own from the great fresh fruit or just use whole

pancakes with bananas, blackberries and strawberries - look up flapjack recipe
but even better with whole grain batter IMHO

Ok fingers are getting tired. hope this helps
PM me if you need more inspiration or recipes
just got back from a trip to the UK
had fabulous first of the season deformed looking KEnt strawberries
we used them as part of a chocolate dipping pond (party size verson of the individual fondue) there wasn't one left in the end.
Chef Tigerwoman

Stop Tofu Abuse...Eat Foie Gras...
Chef Tigerwoman

Stop Tofu Abuse...Eat Foie Gras...
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thank you so much tigerwoman,

your ideas were fantastic:smiles: and i can see you are a very talanted pastry chef.could do with somone like you in my kitchen.fancy a holiday in the lake district.(only joking):lol: i will have a go at some of them ,ta,you have been insperation, thanks again ..:chef:
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funny enough I just got back from a trip to the UK
and had a great time
even catered an event there

would be happy to come visit and work with you as a consultant anytime

besides my love and knowledge of food, the lake district is one of my favorite spots in the UK.
Chef Tigerwoman

Stop Tofu Abuse...Eat Foie Gras...
Chef Tigerwoman

Stop Tofu Abuse...Eat Foie Gras...
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