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Remember our servicemen!

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Take a moment today to think about our servicemen past and present who help keep this country free!
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Today I'm especially honoring the following veterans in my family:
  1. My father-in-law, who, as a battalion surgeon in WWII treated D-Day survivors in Normandy and continued eastward to the Battle of the Bulge and eventually the Elbe River. He earned a Bronze Star for his achievements (and then came home to delivered 5,000 babies as an OB/GYN);
  2. My uncle, who flew missions from Britain as a tailgunner in WWII;
  3. My mom's cousin's husband, who left after a one-day honeymoon for the Pacific theater (but won't say much about it);
  4. My MIL's cousin's husband, who fought in Italy and was a POW;
  5. My brother, who served in the Army during Vietnam.
My hat's off to them and to the millions of others who sacrificed on behalf of all Americans.
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***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Nice list, Mezz. Sounds like you have or have had some awfully brave men in your family. Went to a great parade today here in my hometown. Thanks to everybody who serves or has served.

It wouldn't be Memorial Day without a tear in my eye when I think of my Dad. He spent a couple years in Scotland and England during WWII putting the planes back together after the horrific bombing runs. He was a tool and die maker. He so wanted to be on one of those planes, but as they told him, somebody needed to make sure they could fly again and again. He lost a lot of friends in the B-17s and B-24s that didn't come back, including his best friend. His childhood friend was a belly gunner in a B-17 and was shot down on his first mission. I don't think the old man ever got over that.

I miss him.

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Thank you, I appreciate this honor.

I served in the US navy for 9 years, aboard a submarine.:lips:
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Mezzaluna's list got me to thinking about my family over the years, regarding military service. I had family serving in the Civil War,on both sides:crazy: ( we are just as confused now as then :lol: ) From that time frame we have and someone and sometimes several involved in every war or conflict since then up to the present time with my daughter having just returned from the middle East. That is something like 6 or 7 generations. Even though I kind of already knew about that in the back of my mind I had never really put it together like that. There are so many families that have similar histories.

Thanks Mezz for helping clarify that perspective.
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