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cream sauce and pasta

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as you all know i'm a cook at home type person. but i love to see the expression on the peoples faces that i cook for. i don't exactly follow recipes to a "T" all the time but i do follow them. if it's my first time i'll follow it to a "T" and then the second time i'll change or lessen an ingredient. so what i did was:

1. boil whole wheat linguine from whole foods in water, a little olive oil, salt & pepper until al dente.

2. then in a separate pot i threw in a spoon of butter and sauteed a slice of bacon until all the oils from it were extracted.

3. ate the bacon and then in the same pan i added dried chopped garlic, garlic & herb blend seasoning from mccormick, dash of garlic salt, black pepper & a touch of red wine vinegar.

4. then threw in a good amount of cream, possibly a 1/3 cup. (i was cooking this for me by the way, so the amounts will be smaller than cooking for a larger group)

5. i then added a few sprigs of thyme and 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice and added the linguine to the cream mixture.

6. from here i added some garlic powder and a little more salt & pepper to taste. garnished with parsley.

i want your input as to how you would adjust this dish or modify it to taste better. please let me know what you think.
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1. Do not add oil to the boiling pasta, the sauce will not adhere as well. Only add salt to the water.

2. Use regular pasta instead of whole wheat, ive heard white flour pasta cooked al dente is digested as a low glycemic carbohydrate (like whole wheat). I think it provides a better vessel for the flavor of the sauce.

3. Use fresh herbs rather then dried herbs and blends. (especially garlic)

4. I personally would leave the bacon solids (or preferably pancetta) chopped in the pasta.
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