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Pre Cook and Holding Question

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Any great advice on these products would be greatly appreciated.

1. Preparing a creamy polenta that can be finished last minute but will hold 4-5 hours (does not have to be warm while holding if there is a secret). Please NO advice on set and cut polenta, does not help.

2. keeping Hollandaise (again 4-5 hours) or even using next day.

3. Holding Buerre Blanc

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That's a long time to hold Hollandaise. Two hours is probably the longest I'd hold it, but, every kitchen is different. Maybe try on the shelf above the stove sitting on a wet towel, or in the middle of a steam table. You probably can't reheat it the next day without making a fresh batch and adding the old to the new.

Beurre Blanc, depending on how you make it, does fine in a bain marie on the flattop. Once again, this is a sauce I believe should be made a la minute.

No idea about polenta.
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1. I would think if you held polenta in a steam table and heat it up with some cream or stock right before you serve it would work

2. The places i have worked at have always keep hollandaise atleast 4 hours. The key is finding a spot that is warm but wont break the hollandaise. The place i work at now does a hollandaise(at least its what they call it) with creme fraishe, egg yolks some lemmon juice and butter. Dempending on you operation it might work. To me it taste like yellow lemmoney sour cream more than hollandaise.

3. Iv seen buerre blanc held in the steam table and on flat tops probaly is best if made a la minute
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Next day, no. Longest holding times in a thermos bottle. Prep the bottle by warming it first. Shake vigorously before pouring. Longest I've had is 8 hours.

As a note, broken hollandaise can usually be put back together.

Same thermos bottle. Will hold a couple of hours at most.

Not to nag, but unless you're catering outdoor gatherings in a park or something, you really shouldn't be trying to hold these things for long. It's not only the emulsion that breaks, but the taste degrades. Nudging completed, the thermos really does work.

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This is brilliant, never would of thought of it.

The purpose for this question is that I am currently working in a Private golf club where the members have a minimum food and beverage amount they need to spend each month. Being the end of the month everyone is trying to use up their minimum, leaving us with more orders than time. Each one of these items is time consuming and takes up burner space that can be used for something else. 25 days in the month each is made to order, its just the last 5-6 I need a little relief.
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Just do steak night with AYCE peel and eat shrimp, ladies' day, stuff that'll get them to spend their money.
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i would forget the hollandaise. keep in mind that emulsion needs to be kept in the danger zone.

i was shown a different tecnhique for beurre blanc when you need to hold it:
1. bring your reduction to a boil
2. add all the butter cubes at once keeping full heat
3. whisk until melted
4. pulse in a blender for 15 seconds

if you keep this sauce hot it will hold for hours.

as far as the polenta goes, if you use real polenta and not instant you can hold it for quite a while. i usually put some chevre and butter in to keep it smooth. then whisk in a little chix stock if you need to in a pan.
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