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Micro greens

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Hey, was wondering if anyone here grows microgreens in their restaurant and how does one go about doing that. Would Love a few tips and experiences. It seems a no-brainer but I'm sure having a place to kick off from would be easier.
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no but...

Not at my restaurant but that would be very cool. I eventually want to work in a place that butchers and dry ages beef. Now I can add "cultivates on-premise micro-greens" to the dream restaurant.

Maybe a Brewery/meat market/herb garden:beer:

I smell the next trend in hospitality.
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hehe, sounds good, count me in. But can i suggest artisanal charcruterie and cheese shop too? I'll help with that for sure.
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that sounds really cool, i've always wanted to do that, but i've got such a good greens hookup from my highschool buddy who now owns an organic produce farm.
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