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A little help

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I've recently decided to go to Culinary school. I took classes in HS and did well in them but have forgot some things learned in them. Any suggestions on what i can do to get ahead before i head back into classes? Also suggestions on the best brand of Cutlery. Thanks to those with suggestions.
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There are many many resources that you can use to graduate at the top of your class. Check out your local public library; perhaps they have a website.

There are more books written about food and cooking that can be read by one person in a lifetime! Choose carefully.

Which school are you considering?

Don't let the notion that you are not in cooking class hold you back. I'm sure there is a kitchen where you live right? This is complete culinary freedom! Have fun experimenting!:chef:

If you need a more rigid approach to it all (I know I do), How about making a game of it and typing up your own curriculum? So many options as far as reading, practicing, exploring, tasting...

But if it all comes down to grades, I'd suggest using the internet to get a hold of the textbooks used in your future culinary school (older editions are ok) and practically memorizing them.
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Well i went to a technical highschool for culinary arts and then started a year ago at the CIA and well basicly, youd be surprised at who follows you in there and starts with you, i mean i had a girl next to me one day in class ask me what knife to use when fileting a salmon and i told her well i use my french knife....and she stops turns to me and says what? Which ones the french knife?! so i dont think you need to worry, if you have some expereince youll be alright, and i found that when starting at college level courses for culinary or baking, the school tends to "brainwash" you and and show/tell you that you really dont know ANYTHING about cooking or food so they start from the beginning and you learn from scratch.

So dont worry about it, but if this is what you want then go for it, i loved it and ROCKED out my first year.

and like OAC said many classes arent just about the cooking so dont let that throw you off, theres alot more to food then just cooking in. ;)

and for cutlury, i would say go to a kitchen supply store and go to the counter and tell them idk what im doing tell me some things, and tell them you want atleast a french knife (for the girl in my class a chefs knife.....what? you dont know that either, look the bigger one...) and see what fits in your hand comfortably and that is balanced in your hand (even weight between the blade and the handle)

And there isnt a need to pay 130 dollars for 1 knife either...80 bucks give or take is a decent price for a good knife.

Happy cooking! :D
"Some of us Cook. Some of us Grow. All of us Eat."
"Some of us Cook. Some of us Grow. All of us Eat."
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I would recommend getting a job in the field, preferrably at a hotel.
You'll have a leg up on other students by already knowing some basic procedures and terminology.

There is no best brand of knives, as has been discussed here ad nauseum.
Do a search on these forums and you'll receive a wealth of knowledge and opinions.
What it comes down to is what feels comfortable to you.
A knife I love that you are uncomfortable with will do you no good.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
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