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buttery buttercream

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hi! i am looking for some help with my buttercream recipes, i've tried just about every combo of sugar egg (with yolk and w/o) water vanilla and butter recipe i can find. i've tried shortening and i've tried confect. sugar. I can't find the sweet buttercream of my childhood dreams. OK i can't even find one i can make without it tasting like butter with sugar. Last night for example i tried the pate a bombe and all i got was very very buttery goop with a slight sweetness to it. i had 2 cups sugar and a half cup water to make a syrup then i added that to 3 whipped eggs, and allowed it to come to room temp. then in another bowl i whipped up 1 and 1/4# unsalted butter that was really warm and added the egg/sugar mixure to it and added a 1/2 tsp vanilla -the end. can anyone help? i'm seriously thinking of culinary school but if i can't master this than what right have i. i'd really appreciate any advice!
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Wow, I always thought it was easy to make....My mom ALWAYS made buttercream icing and I never remember it tasting like butter and sugar even though thats all it was. She softened a stick or 2 of butter, put it in a mixer and started adding confectioners sugar. Once the consistency was correct she added REAL vanilla extract to taste. Now you've got me wondering if I can actually make it....Might have to try with my kids the next time I have them for the weekend.
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Two steps:

1) Make a meringue

2) Add softened butter

No water, no yolks. The type of meringue is up to you, but I prefer making a meringue with simple syrup. 1:1 sugar and water ratio.
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thanks i'll try that tonight!
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