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Moving to America

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Yes I am young, but now have the money and the chance to relocate in LA. I was brought up in an estate that has always had meals provided by profs, its so easy i have decided to take LA by storm. So can you chef guys , Peoples help with location, I know my work needs to be more polished but I start cooking school in "Wales" (UK) next week,,,,cant wait.

All your help would be appreceated.

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Learn the fundamentals (hopefully you are going to Coleg Llandrillo) stay on top of trends and basically what is happening on the left coast or all of North America and have a big bank account

Llech y dda
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Eagle on the Menu

I have a friend that can supply, spotted Eagle what do you think, and how should i present this speciality?
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What??????? or maybe I should ask WTF????????

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Really, never heard of Spotted Eagle as a specialty.
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