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Did I over feed my herbs?

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I went out to the garden this morning and all my herbs are dying, same with some chard I planted.

We have gotten plenty of rain here, and they only thing I can think of is, I put some plant food in the the herb pots.

Is it possible I used too much plant food?
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over watering isnt good but i know ive had trouble with my herrbs with too much direct sunlight and they leaves would kidan burn.

i moved them to indirect sunlight and they are growing nicely
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My leaves are like wilted, I used a whole box of plant food and it looks like the box was suppose to last all summer.
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ohh taht dont sound good

im not botanist (i think thats what plant peopel are)

make sure the roots and the leaves are watered.....

only time will tell.
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Most weed killers, like Round-up, are just super concentrated plant fertilizer. I think you might have achieved the same results as watered down weed killer if you used a season's worth of fertilizer already.:cry:

I am far from an expert, but more water (to flush the excess fertilizer) might help. If it's a container garden, you might try and re-pot with fresh soil.

I once had the reverse effect. I put Round-up on a patch of kudzu that was encroaching on the yard. It rained heavily for two days. The Round-up was diliuted to the point it was acting as a fertilizer on the kudzu :suprise:! I swear that you could stand in the yard and watch it grow.
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When you feed a plant, you need to dissolve the food in water prior to administering. If you just add the food and leave it on the soil it will shock / "burn" the plant -- especially high nitrogen content on herbaceous plants. Check the stems, cut them back, soak the ground and pray ;) What type of herbs? S
Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death! Auntie Mame
Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death! Auntie Mame
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Thanks, I replanted them in fresh soil and dusted as much of the fertalizer off as possible. So of them look like they aren't completely bone dry yet, so lets see if they will come back to life.
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