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i first posted this is the welcome forum but as advised by mezzaluna ive posted here to get advice from the people who do what i want to do.

so then the problem i have is im a 23 year old engaged dad of 1 with a 60+ hour a week, a mortgage and other multiple bills to pay.

what I want to do is change my career into something i feel i love and have a genuine passion for, so does anyone have any advice into the best way for me to change

Im a very keen home cook, and i understand there is a big difference between a good home cook and just a good chef but i honestly believe i have the passion to make that step.

ive wanted to be a chef since about the age of 12 but in my rush into went into my other interest - Science, which i know isnt a perfect background but i honestly believe it is similar in some positive ways as there is a lot of prep work a lot of accuracy a lot of working under pressure and a lot of routine which with 6 years now into the job i must admit im good at.

my interest in cooking came initially from my uncle who had served as a chef in the RAF for 10 years with many great stories including cooking for the queen & family as well as many other "important" people. when he died a few years ago i inherited his chefs book which is very indepth on many things and has been a great help in me picking up advice as a home cook.

anyway back to the point!

im very determined to become a chef as its already getting to me that i feel made the wrong decision when it came to getting a job and i feel that if i stay like this i will always look back and regret not pushing myself into ideal career.

thanks for reading and for any advice given, im greatly looking forward to reading it.



on a side note financially i need to be in a stable position and require not to lose to much (preferably none) of my income to fund this venture as my daughter and finances wellfare comes before anything else.