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There is this little bakery in my city called The Upper Crust Bakery. I stopped there today and I got 2 things. A fruit tart, and a chocolate eclair.The fruit tart is in my fridge, but I had to treat myself, the eclair never made it out of the bakery.

It was delectable, the filling was a heavier custard than the typical airy one, and the chocolate coating was marvelous.

Anyone know how to make these? I really want to learn. The chocolate did not make it soggy, it added almost a crunch like texture. *sigh* I may need another one.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
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Three recipes in an éclair
Pate a choux
Crème filling
Chocolate topping

If you don’t have a pate a choux recipe, we can find you one. For éclairs, pipe them big and long, that sounded bad didn’t it
Crème filling: describe what you like about the filling, not compared to what we might think is the “norm” as the norm will vary from region to region. You said it was "a heavier custard than the typical airy one”. I typically fill éclairs with a pastry cream, that isn’t very airy, but is that what you are looking for. Maybe somebody is filling éclairs with Twinkie filling or some such and that has become your “typical”

Chocolate topping that adds a crunch: confectioner’s sugar, coco powder with some milk a smidge of butter cooked over low heat and you have no soggy and a bit of crunch. Poured fondant, I believe it is called, but I could be wrong. I use it for petites fours

This is just a quick over view, might not be the answer, but maybe it is the beginning of what you are looking for.

Disclaimer: cruising the web with wine glass in hand, disregard poor grammar and spelling as well as bad advice.
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The classic eclair fillings are whipped cream, chantilly cream (almost the same thing but with vanilla), creme patissiere and custard. More than likely you're used to whipped cream and fell in love with creme patissiere. All of these things, as well as chocolate glazes are basics for any baker with classic aspirations. I've got nothing original in my notebook, but there are recipes all over the net.

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The filling was almost a pudding, with a little vanilla. The fruit tart has the same filling, I'll take a picture when I delight myself in it. Thanks to the two of you (wine glass disregarded). I have some research to begin.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
It's a wonderful thing to be spoiled in the way of food.
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Although it is an older picture I still make them the same, so I figure one picture is enough for my album.
definitely whipped cream in them. qahtan

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1 cup flour (250 mL) sifted
1 cup water (250 mL)
1/4 lb. unsalted butter (125 g)
2 tbsp sugar (30 mL)
1/4 tsp fine salt (1 mL)
4 x eggs

Heat the water, sugar, salt, and butter right to the point where the butter melts. Once it melts, add the flour and quickly mix it in till it becomes a paste. Cook out the flour, approximately 1.5mins and keep stiring it. When done, cool the paste. Add in eggs one at a time till it forms ribbons. Pipe onto parchment lined baking tray with a plain or star #6 tip and bake in 400F oven with a little steam for about 20mins.

2 cups milk
1 x vanilla bean, split lengthwise or vanilla extract
4 x eggs
1/2 cup sugar
Pinch salt
1/3 cup corn starch
1/2 cup heavy cream, whipped

Heat 1/2 the milk and sugar with the vanilla until scalding. Mix together the rest of the milk, eggs, and corn starch in another bowl. Temper the scalding milk with the egg mixture. Once properly tempered, reheat the mixture over low heat until thickened. Allow the pudding to cool then fold in the whipped cream.

I'd just use good 70% cocoa chocolate for topping.
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When I used to make eclairs and cream puffs I filled them with vanilla pastry cream and then dipped the tops in ganache. They were one of my best sellers.
Definitely rich but not cloyingly sweet.
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oh my god, these pics are tempting me to try out this thing now. Also I am very hungry too. I hope someone serve me with a very good eclairs. :)
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