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Buffet Size Portions Main Courses!

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Don't think my last post got posted!!!I am catering my daughter's Sweet 16 party myself the end of the month. I am a good cook and love to but really am clueless as to storing, freezing, pre-making, and the portions especially the chicken francaise, is there a start on stove top, finish in oven way of doing all that chicken, I'm really nervous with this one, the recipe on here sounds good for it though, better than mine maybe, so I might try it but any suggestions of cooking enough for up to 75 people, i.e., freezing, storing,pre-cooking,stovetop,oven, etc, would be appreciated!I am also making baked ziti, penne ala vodka, sausage peppers and potatoes, sweet and sour meatballs, as well as salads, and sides. Any suggestions on any would be appreciated. Thank you. :)
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Hi, sorry about the last thread. We moderate first timers here to make sure it's not spam.

I'm not quite sure about the chicken francaise. To me that really doesn't hold well. Maybe some others here on the board can give suggestions.

The baked ziti I'd assemble and cook off a coupla hours before. The sausage and peppers, maybe that's a reheat item. And the sweet/sour meatballs, crockpot? :) Good luck!
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I'd have to echo what Kuan mentioned about the Chicken. The batter will not freeze very well and tends to fall off when defrosted to reheat. Maybe a Chicken Parmesan would be a better alternative. The breading is a bit more resilliant to freezing and you're already going to have sauce ready for the pasta.

Just about any baked pasta will freeze well. They tend to become a bit soft (overcooked in appearance) but do eat well and most folks won't notice the difference between fresh made or prepped ahead.

Meatballs can always be cooked off and frozen and then reheated in the sauce. Same with Sausage and peppers (just no potatoes).

If you time this out you'll only need the 4 days prior to the party to prepare things. You could almost just make things and refrigerate without freezing. Just depends on how much refrigeration space you have I guess.

Good luck with things.
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