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Fathers Day

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Well......Here on the East Coast another Fathers Day is just about over so first off Happy Fathers Day to all those celebrating. This is the 10th one we have celebrated in this portion of the family.

The DD with the help of the DW made lasagne, garlic bread and we planned a salad but it got too late so for me wanting some sort of vegetable, opted for some left-over steamed cauliflower from the other night.

Anyhow after just finishung a wonderful dinner, we sit here waiting for the cake that they picked out for dessert. They made me Lasagne so I wasn't going to push for a home-made cake. Although the DD wanted to do that as well. :roll:

I did do some work out in the yard especially since both of them spent the afternoon out there. It was orly fitting since the DD declined to spend the afternoon with friends. She actually said she wanted to spend time with her Father. I know that won't last for long so I'll take all I can get now.

My big question is how did some of the other Fathers out there spend the day....other than working of course and what did you have for dinner?
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I spent the day teaching a friends daughter to scuba dive. He and his wife were on their way home from a diving trip to the Keys. All my daughters are scattered to the 4 winds. Fathers Day breakfast was from Arbys on the way to the lesson and Fathers Day dinner was from Burger King on the way home.
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I have been so bust lately, that I just got to take my Father out to eat for Father's Day last night. He still enjoyed it though, so that is all that matters.
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