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cake substitutions

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tried a yellow cake recipe that cherry121 posted that was closer to what I was looking for (thank you btw cherry), Has a nice fine crumb, but still ended up a little denser than I am looking for. I think I could cut back on the cooking time a bit (I got it a little dry), but it was still somewhat dense. Any suggestions for substitutions in cake recipes in general for me to play with? (ie, oil for butter, that sort of thing) or a place to go where I can look up the proportions of how all those work as far as what is added or subtracted in the chemistry of a cake?
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I would suggest maybe a dab of marshmallow cream or even peanut butter. That may do the trick. Let me know how it works out.
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I am unable to locate the yellow cake formula you described. If I could locate it I would re~structure the formula for you. As far as subst. veg. oil for the solid fat is concerned, it can be done but as you know my friend butter contains approx. 17% water. Oil is all fat, butter isn't... sooo, you must account for that liquid in your re~structure.
As far as moisture goes just reduce the sugar content by approx 20% and replace it with honey & reduce the baking temp. by 25 degrees. I also believe you may have employed the wrong flour as well.
Good luck & enjoy the rest of the day.

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