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kitchen rental

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I am looking to rent a kitchen for my new catering company in Studio City. I know there won't be much in this area so I am also looking at downtown LA and Culver City as well. How do I find the spaces? I have looked on every site imaginable.
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Just look at your local newspaper or even something such as Craigs List. People post openings in those all the time. Good luck to you sir.
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Have you tried Chef's Kitchens in LA off of Pico/Robertson? I tried to give you the direct link but can't since I am a new poster here.
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Commercial Kitchen for rent

My name is Rita.
We have a commercial kitchen for rent in North Hollywood. It will be available as of 01/01/09. Some stats: 2000 sq. f, American Range and custom made appliances, A rating, all permits.
Let me know if it is of any interest to you.
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Hi, I also have a commercial kitchen for rent by the hour in Pasadena.

Hourly rates vary between $20 AND $25 PER HOUR.

Please contact me for additional details and to arrange a tour.

Larry Bressler

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i am interested in renting a kitchen for an event i have in June fathers day weekend. can you please send me more info

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Hello Rita
Wondering if you still have kitchen space for rent? Please contact me by PM ASAP.

Thank you
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This is a 4 year old post, the op made only this one post.

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